Social Liberal Party (Moldova)

Social Liberal Party (Moldova)

The Social Liberal Party ("Partidul Social Liberal") was a liberal political party in Moldova, led by Oleg Serebrian. At the last legislative elections, 6 March 2005, the party was part of the Electoral Bloc Democratic Moldova ("Blocul Electoral Moldova Democrată"), that won 28.4 % of the popular vote and 34 out of 101 seats. Inside the Bloc the party won 3 seats. After the elections the bloc fell apart in three parliamentary groups of the constituent parties.

In 2001 Oleg Serebrian released a manifest with the intention to found a social liberal party. This initiative was joined by the Christian-Democratic Women's League and the National Youth League of Moldova. In 2002 the Party of Democratic Forces merged into the party. Since November 2006 the Social Liberal Party was a member of Liberal International.

It merged into the Democratic Party of Moldova in February 2008.

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