Amadeus IV of Savoy

Amadeus IV of Savoy

Amadeus IV (1197 – June 24 or July 13 1253) was Count of Savoy from 1233 to 1253.

The legitimate heir of Thomas I of Savoy and Marguerite of Geneva, he had however to fight with his brothers for the inheritance of Savoy lands after their father's death. His brothers Pietro and Aimone spurred a revolt in Aosta Valley against Amadeus, but he was able to crush it with the help of Manfred III of Saluzzo and Boniface II of Montferrat, who were his sons-in-law. Together with his brother Thomas, he fought against the communes of Turin and Pinerolo, but with uncertain results.

He was succeeded by his young son Boniface, who died soon.

Family and children

He married twice:

# Anne of Burgundy, daughter of Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy.:# Beatrice of Savoy (d. 1258), married firstly in 1233 Manfred, Margrave of Saluzzo (d. 1244), married secondly on April 21, 1247 Manfred of Sicily:# Margaret of Savoy (d. 1254), married firstly on December 9, 1235 Boniface II of Montferrat, married secondly Aymar III, Count of Valentinois
# Cecilia of Baux, "Passerose", daughter of Barral of Baux:# Boniface of Savoy:# Beatrice of Savoy (1250 – February 23, 1292) married Peter of Chalon and Juan Manuel of Castile.:# Eleonor of Savoy, married in 1269 Guichard de Beaujeu :# Constance of Savoy, died after 1263

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