List of rivers of China

List of rivers of China

This is a list of rivers which are at least partially located in China, classified according to their respective termini:


Arabian Sea

Andaman Sea

East China Sea

  • Qiantang River, Qian River (钱塘江 or 钱江, upper reach known as 新安江)
  • Huangpu River (黃浦江)
  • Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) (长江, upper reach known as 金沙江)
    • Yalong River (雅砻江)
    • Min (Sichuan) (岷江)
    • Tuo River (沱江)
    • Wu (乌江)
    • Jialing (嘉陵江)
      • Bailong (白龙江)
      • Baishui (白水)
      • Qujiang (渠江)
      • Fujiang (涪江)
    • Xiang (湘江)
      • Xiaoshui (瀟水)
      • Zhengshui (蒸水)
    • Lishui (Li) (澧水)
    • Yuanjiang (Yuan) (沅江)
      • Wu River (巫水)
    • Zijiang (Zi) (资江)
    • Hanshui (汉江 or 汉水)
    • Gan (赣江)
      • Zhang (章江)
      • Gongshui (貢水)
        • Mei (梅河)
        • Xiang (Jiangxi) (湘水)
  • Yong River (甬江)

South China Sea

  • Nandu River
  • Wanquan River
  • Mekong (湄公河)
  • Red River (Vietnam) (红河, a.k.a. 元江)
  • Pearl River (Zhu Jiang) (珠江)
    • Beijiang (Bei) (北江)
    • Dongjiang (Dong) (东江)
    • Han (韩江)
    • Xijiang (Xi) (西江)
      • Yujiang (Yu) (鬱江)
        • Yongjiang (Yong) (邕江)
          • Zuojiang (Zuo) (左江)
          • Youjiang (You) (右江)
      • Xunjiang (Xun) (浔江)
        • Qiangjiang (Qiang) (黔江)
          • Rongjiang (Rong)(融江)
          • Hongshui (Red River) (红水河)
            • Beipan (北盘江)
            • Nanpan (南盘江)
              • Ba (灞水 or 灞河)
      • Guijiang (Gui) (桂江)

Taiwan Strait

  • Min (Fujian) (闽江)
  • Jiulong River (九龙江)

Yellow Sea

  • Huai (淮河)
    • Shaying (沙颍河)
    • Shiguan (史灌河)
  • Yishui (沂河)
    • Shu (沭河)
    • Si (泗河)
  • Jiao (胶河)
  • Yalu (鸭绿江) - Korea Bay

Bohai Sea

  • Xiaoqing (小清河, formerly known as 济河)
  • Yellow River (Huang He) (黃河)
    • Daxia (大峡河)
    • Fen (汾河)
    • Wei (渭河)
      • Jing (泾河)
    • Luo (洛河)
  • Hai (海河)
    • Wei (潍河)
    • Zhang (漳河)
    • Yongding (永定河)
      • Sanggan River (桑干河)
      • Yang He (洋河)
  • Luan (滦河)
  • Liao (辽河)
  • Wei (卫河)

Sea of Japan

Arctic Ocean

  • Ob River (Russia)


  • Grand Canal of China (大运河)

Endorheic basins

Tarim Basin

Ulungur Lake

  • Ulungur River

Juyan Lake Basin

Lake Balkhash

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