List of programs broadcast by the DuMont Television Network

List of programs broadcast by the DuMont Television Network

This is a List of programs broadcast by the DuMont Television Network, which operated in the United States from 1946 to 1956. All regularly-scheduled programs which were aired on the DuMont network are listed below, regardless of whether they originated at DuMont. Some DuMont network series were actually broadcast from Baltimore's WAAM-TV, Chicago's WGN-TV, Cincinnati's WCPO-TV, or Philadelphia's WFIL. These stations were not DuMont-owned stations but were affiliated with the network. Programs which aired on the DuMont network but originated from affiliate stations are noted in this list.

Some DuMont programs were produced by other networks but aired on DuMont. For example, "Play the Game" (1946) was produced by ABC, but aired on DuMont since ABC had no network until 1948. "The Admiral Broadway Revue" (1949) aired on both NBC and DuMont at the same time, as did "Man Against Crime" (1953). "Pick the Winner" (1952) aired on both CBS and DuMont. Some programs, such as "Flash Gordon" (1954) aired both in syndication and on DuMont. These exceptions are noted in the list.

Programs "produced" at DuMont facilities but which aired on other networks, such as CBS's "The Honeymooners" (1955), are not included in this list. Also not included in this list are the numerous local programs seen on individual DuMont stations, Paramount television series, and programs created by successor companies (DuMont Broadcasting Company, Metropolitan Broadcasting, Metromedia, and Fox Broadcasting Company). See those articles for programs produced or aired by those companies.

A timeline of DuMont network programs appears at the end of this list.


*"A.N.T.A. Album of 1955" closed-circuit fundraising appeal sponsored by American National Theater and Academy (ANTA) and CARE seen in 31 theaters nationwide on 28 March, 1955
*"The Admiral Broadway Revue" (DuMont/NBC)
*"Adventure Playhouse"
*"The Adventures of Ellery Queen"
*"The Adventures of Oky Doky"
*"The Al Morgan Show" (originated from WGN-TV in Chicago)
*"The Alan Dale Show"
*"And Everything Nice"
*"Armchair Detective"
*"The Armed Forces Hour"
*"The Arthur Murray Party"
*"The Author Meets the Critics"


*"Battle of the Ages"
*"Better Living TV Theater"
*"The Big Idea"
*"The Big Issue" (aka "Keep Posted")
*"The Bigelow Theatre"
*"Birthday Party (TV series)
*"Blind Date"
*"Bowling Headliners"
*"Boxing from Eastern Parkway"
*"Boxing from Jamaica Arena"
*"Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena"
*"Boxing with Dennis James"
*"Broadway to Hollywood" (aka "Headline Clues")


*"Café de Paris"
*"Camera Headlines"
*"Captain Video and His Video Rangers"
*"The Cases of Eddie Drake"
*"Cash and Carry"
*"Cavalcade of Bands"
*"Cavalcade of Stars"
*"Champagne and Orchids"
*"Chance of a Lifetime"
*"Charade Quiz"
*"Charlie Wild, Private Detective"
*"Chicago Symphony" (aka "Concert Tonight") (originated from WGN-TV in Chicago)
*"Chicagoland Mystery Players" (aka "Chicagoland Players") (originated from WGN-TV in Chicago)
*"Cinema Varieties"
*"Colonel Humphrey Flack"
*"Cosmopolitan Theatre"
*"Country Style"
*"Court of Current Issues"
*"Crawford Mystery Theatre" (Syndicated/DuMont)
*"Cross Question"


*"Dark of Night"
*"Dinner Date"
*"Dollar a Second"
*"Doorway to Fame"
*"The Dotty Mack Show" (aka "Girl Alone") (originated from WCPO-TV in Cincinnati)
*"Down You Go"
*"Drama at Eight"
*"The Drew Pearson Show"
*"DuMont Evening News"
*"DuMont Royal Theater" (aka "Royal Playhouse")


*"Easy Aces"
*"Elder Michaux"


*"The Family Genius"
*"Famous Fights from Madison Square Garden"
*"Famous Jury Trials"
*"Faraway Hill"
*"Fashions on Parade"
*"Feature Theatre"
*"Fishing and Hunting Club" (aka "Sports for All")
*"Flash Gordon"
*"Flight to Rhythm" (aka "The Delora Bueno Show")
*"Football News" (aka "Pro Football Highlights")
*"Football Sidelines"
*"Football This Week"
*"Front Page Detective"
*"Front Row Center"
*"Frontier Theatre"


*"The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong"
*"Gamble on Love"
*"General Foods 25th Anniversary: A Tribute to Rodgers and Hammerstein", special aired 28 March 1954 on all four TV networks, hosted by Groucho Marx
*"Georgetown University Forum"
*"The Goldbergs"
*"Gold Medal Movies"
*"The Growing Paynes"
*"Gruen Guild Playhouse"
*"Guess What"
*"Guide Right"


*"Hands of Murder" (aka "Hands of Mystery" and "Hands of Destiny")
*"Happy's Party"
*"Have a Heart"
*"The Hazel Scott Show"
*"Hold That Camera"
*"Hotel Broadway"


*"The Igor Cassini Show"
*"The Ilona Massey Show"
*"I.N.S. Telenews"
*"Inside Detective" (aka "Rocky King, Inside Detective")
*"Inside Photoplay" (aka "Photoplay Time")
*"International Playhouse"
*"It's a Business"
*"It's a Small World"
*"It's Alec Templeton Time"


*"Jack Leonard"
*"Jacqueline Susann's Open Door"
*"Jimmy Hughes, Rookie Cop"
*"The Joan Edwards Show"
*"Johnny Jupiter"
*"Johnny Olsen's Rumpus Room"
*"The Johns Hopkins Science Review" (originated from WAAM-TV in Baltimore)
*"Joseph Schildkraut Presents"


*"Keep Posted"
*"Key to the Ages"
*"Key to the Missing"
*"Kids and Company"
*"King Cole's Birthday Party (aka "Birthday Party")


*"Ladies Before Gentlemen"
*"Ladies' Date"
*"The Laytons"
*"Life Begins at Eighty"
*"Life Is Worth Living"
*"Light's Diamond Jubilee", special aired 24 October 1954 on all four TV networks, directed by King Vidor and produced by David O. Selznick
*"Love Story"


*"Magic Cottage"
*"Major Dell Conway of the Flying Tigers"
*"Man Against Crime" (NBC/DuMont)
*"Manhattan Spotlight"
*"Marge and Jeff"
*"Mary Kay and Johnny"
*"Meet the Boss"
*"Meet Your Congress"
*"Melody Street"
*"Monday Night Fights from St. Nicholas Arena"
*"Monodrama Theater"
*"The Morey Amsterdam Show"
*"The Most Important People"
*"Music from Chicago" (originated from WGN-TV in Chicago)
*"The Music Show" (originated from WGN-TV in Chicago)
*"Mystery Theater"


*"News Gal"
*"Newsweek Views the News" (aka "Newsweek Analysis")
*"The New York Times Youth Forum"
*"Night Editor"
*"Nine Thirty Curtain"
*"Not for Publication"


*"The O'Neills"
*"Okay, Mother"
*"Old American Barn Dance"
*"On Your Way"
*"Once Upon a Tune"
*"One Man's Experience" (aka "One Man's Story")
*"One Minute Please"
*"One Woman's Experience" (aka "One Woman's Story")
*"Open Door"
*"Opera Cameos"
*"Operation Information"
*"Operation Success"
*"Original Amateur Hour"


*"Pantomime Quiz"
*"" (special)
*"The Paul Dixon Show"
*"Pet Shop"
*"Photographic Horizons"
*"Pick the Winner" (CBS/DuMont)
*"The Plainclothesman"
*"Play the Game" (Produced by ABC, aired on DuMont)
*"The Power of Women"
*"Pro Football Highlights"
*"Pro Wrestling from Chicago"
*"Program Playhouse"
*"Public Prosecutor"
*"Pulse of the City"


*"Quick on the Draw"


*"Report Card for Parents"
*"Rhythm Rodeo"
*"The Roy Doty Show"

*"Saturday Night at the Garden"
*"School House"
*"Scoreboard" (aka "Russ Hodges' Scoreboard")
*"Screen Mystery"
*"The Secret Files of Captain Video"
*"Serving Through Science"
*"Sense and Nonsense" [ (Kinescope of an episode)]
*"Shadow of the Cloak"
*"Small Fry Club"
*"Spin the Picture"
*"Stage a Number"
*"Stage Entrance"
*"Star Time"
*"Starlit Time"
*"Stars on Parade"
*"Steve Randall" (aka "Hollywood Off Beat")
*"Story Theater"
*"The Stranger"
*"The Strawhatters"
*"Studio 57"
*"Summer Night Theater"
*"The Susan Raye Show"


*"Talent Jackpot"
*"The Talent Shop"
*"The Ted Steele Show"
*"Teen Time Tunes"
*"They Stand Accused" (originated from WGN-TV in Chicago)
*"They're Off"
*"This is Music" (originated from WGN-TV in Chicago)
*"This Is the Life"
*"This Week in Religion"
*"Time for Reflection"
*"Time Will Tell"
*"Tom Corbett, Space Cadet"
*"Trash or Treasure?"
*"TV Shopper"
*"Twenty Questions"


*"The Vincent Lopez Show"
*"A Visit with the Armed Forces"


*"The Walter Compton News"
*"Washington Exclusive"
*"Washington Report"
*"The Week in Religion"
*"The Wendy Barrie Show"
*"Western Movie"
*"What's it Worth?"
*"What's the Story?"
*"What's Your Bid"
*"Where Was I?"
*"Window on the World"
*"Windy City Jamboree" (originated from WGN-TV in Chicago)
*"Wisdom of the Ages"
*"With This Ring"
*"A Woman to Remember"
*"Wrestling from Marigold"


*"You Asked for It"
*"Your Big Moment"
*"Your Story Theatre"
*"Youth on the March" (originated from WFIL in Philadelphia)

Timeline of programs


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