HMS Parthian (N75)

HMS Parthian (N75)

HMS "Parthian" (N75) was the lead boat of the six Royal Navy sclass|Parthian|submarines, all launched in 1929. The submarine was sunk in 1943 during the Second World War. The submarine was nicknamed "Peanut", from the identity letters PN painted on the fin.

"Parthian" spent most of her Second World War service in the Mediterranean. On the outbreak of the war, she was stationed with the China Fleet, but was transferred to Alexandria in May 1940. She sunk the Italian submarine "Diamante" near Tobruk on 20 June 1940. By the end of the year she had been attached to the 8th Submarine Flotilla based at Malta.

It also sank the Vichy French submarine "Souffleur" off Beirut on 25 June 1941, during the combined British/Free French campaign to occupy Syria and Lebanon. "Parthian" underwent a refit in the USA from late 1941 until March 1942 before returning to the Mediterranean, where she carried out supply operations between July and October to Malta carrying aviation fuel and ammunition. To increase her cargo capacity, one of the batteries was removed and no reload torpedoes carried. In May 1943 the submarine sank a number of Italian sailing vessels in the Aegean Sea.

The submarine left Malta on 22 July 1943 for a patrol in the southern Adriatic. She was diverted to a patrol area off Otranto on 26 July, and diverted again on 28 July. The submarine was signalled on 6 August leave the patrol area but the signal was not acknowledged. "Parthian" failed to arrive at Beirut, where she was due on 11 August. It is likely that she was sunk by a naval mine near Brindisi.


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