List of wheelchair organizations

List of wheelchair organizations

Several organizations exist that help to give and receive wheelchair equipment. Organizations that accept wheelchair equipment donations typically attempt to identify recipients and match them with the donated equipment they have received. Organizations that accept donations in the form of money for wheelchairs typically have the wheelchairs manufactured and distributed in large amounts, often in developing countries.

Organizations that accept and/or distribute used wheelchairs

These organizations receive donations of wheelchair equipment and then attempt to identify recipients to match with the donated equipment. They also often refurbish the wheelchairs before they give them to someone else. They typically operate in regional areas, and usually have difficulty getting wheelchairs to people outside of their areas of operations because of the large costs associated with transporting wheelchair equipment.


* [ NSCIA (The National Spinal Cord Injury Association)] is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization serving people with spinal cord injuries and diseases, their families and the entire SCI community since 1948. This link goes to the chapters that cover each state.
"Areas Covered": National

* [ Wheels of Love] is a nonprofit organization established for the purpose of assisting individuals in receiving a manual wheelchair.
"Areas Covered": National; International: USA, Russia, Kenya, Mongolia Sudi Arabia

* [ LifeNets - The Wheelchair Project] matches donated wheelchairs with needy recipients who cannot afford or qualify for wheelchairs in the United States. The organization networks with medical missionary organizations and individuals to access and provide donated wheelchairs. We network with medical missionary organizations and individuals like yourself who provide the wheelchairs we need.
"Areas Covered": National; International

* [ Chariots of Hope] is a nonprofit organization established for the purpose of collecting used wheelchairs. The donated wheelchairs are then repaired and distributed, at no cost to the recipient, to those in need.
"Areas Covered": National: Connecticut, Massachusetts Area; International: South Africa, Peru, Anguilla, Haiti, Ghana, Gulgaria, Tanzania

* [ Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)] is a voluntary health agency dedicated to fighting over 40 neuromuscular diseases through scientific research, widespread professional and public health education, and local support services. Local MDA offices across the United States, including Puerto Rico, need donations of various types of medical equipment -- including manual and powered wheelchairs, powered scooters, hospital beds, lift chairs, walkers, hydraulic (hoyer) lifts, communication devices and other items. MDA Donated equipment is repaired and provided at no cost to local individuals affected by any of the disorders in MDA’s purview. Call 1-800-572-1717 or visit MDA’s Web site
"Areas Covered": National


* [ (Convalescent Aid Society)] or [ (CAS)] The Convalescent Aid Society helps improve the quality of life of residents in Pasadena, California and its neighboring communities through the free loan of medical equipment for in-home use. Started in 1923 by a Registered Nurse and a group of women, it has provided wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, bed pans, diapers, hospital beds, etc--absolutely free--no questions asked. The equipment can be brand new or refurbished by staff. They even do deliveries and pick-ups for those who have no means of transportation. In any given day there are 8,000 residents who are moving around independently because of this organization. There are two ways people can support this fine institution:

1. By telling others about their services and 2. By donating financially to their cause.

You can reach them at 3255 East Foothill Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107 or call (626) 793-1696
"Areas Covered": Pasadena and its neighboring cities in the San Gabriel Valley, Southern California.

*Direct Relief International

* [ Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC)] provides wheelchairs and other medical supplies to people in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area with disabilities.
"Areas Covered": Southeast United States: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee

* [ Kansas Equipment Exchange] helps Kansans obtain affordable, durable medical equipment and assistive technology. Accepts donated wheelchairs, hospital beds, lifts and other medical equipment, which is then refurbished and given to Kansas residents in need.
"Areas Covered": Kansas State Only

* [ Wheelchair Recycling Program] offers low cost, refurbished mobility and medical equipment to those who lack the resources to acquire new equipment.
"Areas Covered": Wisconsin

*Hope Haven

* [ The Mobility Project] exists to serve disabled people living in poverty throughout the developing nations of the world by:
**Delivering and individually fitting refurbished mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches, walkers and other medical equipment to the disabled in need.
**Providing sports programs for the disabled, to help them achieve greater confidence and health as well as ability with their mobility equipment.
**Building wheelchair refurbishing and manufacturing facilities in some of the countries where we work, to provide vocational training for local people with disabilities, as well as an ongoing source for repairs to mobility aids to other disabled people in the area.

* [ Wheels for Humanity] refurbishes donated wheelchairs and individually fits them to children and adults with disabilities in developing nations. The organization partners with international health-care organizations to identify those in greatest need.

Organizations that accept monetary donations for new wheelchairs

These organizations typically have the wheelchairs manufactured in China, and distributed by container-load to ports of developing countries. The organizations often partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are in the destination countries. These NGOs usually act as the consignees at the ports, transport the wheelchairs on land, and identify recipients for the wheelchairs.

*Free Wheelchair Mission Partners with worldwide charitable organizations to create and donate wheelchairs to physically challenged individuals living in 46 countries.
*Wheelchair Foundation Individuals, groups and corporate donors sponsor shipments of wheelchairs manufactured in China, then delivered directly to many countries for people who need a wheelchair but can not afford one. Since 2000, WF has delivered over 640,000 wheelchairs to 150 countries. The foundation partners with various service organizations, including Rotary International, Knights of Columbus and Sister Cities International.
* [ Wine for Wheels] An international association of wine enthusiasts dedicated to the "fruit of the vine" and bringing great wine, fine cuisine, and good friends together, at the same time providing wheelchair donations and philanthropic support. Wine for Wheels works in conjunction with the AA program and all proceeds are donated to DUI lawyers

Other wheelchair-related organizations

These organizations don't necessarily accept donations of wheelchairs or money to purchase wheelchairs, but they deal with something related to wheelchairs.

* [ Special Kids Fund] Special Kids Fund is an alliance of schools, hospitals, and social service organizations that providing for the special needs of children with disabilities and at-risk youth. Through the [ Special Kids Fund Vehicles for the Disabled Program] , donated wheelchair vans and vehicles are given to physically disabled persons who are not able to afford them.
* [ Whirlwind Wheelchair International] Whirlwind does not take or provide wheelchair donations. Rather the engineering company provides the teaching and technology to help developing countries manufacture, fit and provide long-term mobility support to communities in need. In particular, this organization has developed the whirlwind wheelchair, which uses the principle of open source design.
* [ Motivation] Motivation does not accept donations of wheelchairs. It is a development organisation which works in partnership to establish wheelchair services in developing countries.

See also

*International Wheelchair Basketball Federation

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