" Baltica redirects here. For the Russian beer, see Baltika Breweries"Baltica is a name applied by geologists to a late-Proterozoic, early-Palaeozoic continent that now includes the East European craton of northwestern Eurasia. Baltica was created as an entity not earlier than 1.8 billion years ago. Before this time, the three segments/continents that now comprise the East European craton were in different places on the globe. Baltica existed on a tectonic plate called the Baltic Plate.

Partial history of Baltica in chronological order

* ~1.8 billion years ago, Baltica was part of the major supercontinent Columbia.
* ~1.5 billion years ago, Baltica along with Arctica and East Antarctica were part of the minor supercontinent Nena.
* ~1.1 billion years ago, Baltica was part of the major supercontinent Rodinia.
* ~750 million years ago, Baltica was part of the minor supercontinent Protolaurasia.
* ~600 million years ago, Baltica was part of the major supercontinent Pannotia.
* ~Cambrian, Baltica was an independent continent.
* ~late Ordovician, Baltica collided with Avalonia (most of modern Western Europe)
* ~Devonian, Baltica collided against Laurentia, forming the minor supercontinent Euramerica.
* ~Permian, all major continents collide against each other for forming the major supercontinent Pangaea.
* ~Jurassic, Pangaea rifted into two minor supercontinents: Laurasia and Gondwana. Baltica was part of the minor supercontinent Laurasia.
* ~Cretaceous, Baltica was part of the minor supercontinent Eurasia.
* ~Present, Baltica is part of the forming minor supercontinent Afro-Eurasia.

See also

*Baltic Shield
*Baltic Plate

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