Bicycle stand

Bicycle stand

Toronto, Ontario]

A bicycle stand, also commonly called a bike rackcite web
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] cite web
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] , is a device to which bicycles may be securely attached. It may be free standing or securely attached to the ground or some stationary object such as a building.

Early models tend to offer a means of securing one wheel: these can be a grooved piece of concrete in the ground, a forked piece of metal into which a wheel of the bicycle is pushed, or a horizontal ladder providing positions for the front wheel of many bicycles. These are not very effective, since a thief need only detach the wheel in question from the bicycle to free the rest of the bicycle. They also do not offer much support, and a row of bicycles in this type of stand are susceptible to all being toppled in a domino effect. These types of stand are known as "wheel benders" among cyclists.

A modern version is known as the "Sheffield rack" or "Sheffield stand"cite web
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] , after Sheffield in England where these were pioneered. These consist of a thick metal bar shaped like a square arch. The top part is about level with the top bar of the bicycle frame, and thus supports the bicycle and allows the frame to be secured. High-quality versions feature a second, lower horizontal bar to support smaller bikes (this version is also known as “A stand”), and are coated to reduce their surface hardness and thus reduce the risk that the paint of attached bikes gets scratched.

Since 1984 the City of Toronto has installed post and ring bicycle rackscite web
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] consisting of a steel post topped by a cast aluminium ring.cite web
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] In August 2006, it became publicly known that these stands could be defeated by prying the ring off with a two-by-four []

In Amsterdam two-tiered bicycle stands are ubiquitous. The bicycles can be parked in a smaller area as the handle bars (the widest part of the bicycle) of every other bicycle is at a different height (either high or low). These racks are made of steel and have a large bar that make it easy to lock the frame to the rack. Most dutch bicycles have a rear wheel lock, so the rear wheel does not need to be locked.

ee also

* Bicycle locker – a similar device, that offers even more security.
* Bicycle carrier – a device to transport a bike with another vehicle


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