24 Squadron SAAF

24 Squadron SAAF
24 Squadron
Blackburn Buccaneer S.50.jpg
Blackburn Buccaneer as flown by 24 Sqn at the time of disbanding
Active 5 March 1941-6 November 1945
??-March 1991
Country South Africa
Branch South African Air Force
Role Bomber/Strike Squadron
Garrison/HQ AFB Waterkloof when disbanded.
Motto Per Noctem Per Diem Through Night, Through Day[1]

24 Squadron SAAF is a disbanded squadron of the South African Air Force. Its last role was as an attack aircraft squadron. The squadron was first formed on 5 March 1941 by renumbering 14 Squadron SAAF in Egypt.

World War II

In 1941 No.14 squadron SAAF and its Maryland bombers were moved from Kenya to Egypt, renumbered as No.24 squadron and operated alongside No. 39 Squadron RAF as daytime tactical bomber units carrying out bombing sorties on Mediterranean targets. 24 squadron was later in the year re-equipped with Bostons.[2]

In Dec, 1943 the squadron was relocated to Algeria and re-equipped with the B-26 Marauders and in 1944 flew to a new base at Pescara, Italy, later advancing to Jesi, Italy.[3]

At the end of the war the squadron used its Marauders as transport aircraft, before moving to Egypt in October 1945 and disbanding on 6 November 1945.[3]

The Buccaneer entered SAAF service in 1965. SAAF Buccaneers saw active service during the Border War in South-West Africa, notably at Cassinga in 1978. They flew over Angola and Namibia in the 1970s and 1980s, and attacked SWAPO guerrilla camps with rockets and bombs.[4]

The squadron was disbanded in March 1991.


Further reading

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