KF2, is a kart racing class for top drivers aged 15 and up.

This class used to be called Intercontinental A (ICA) and has changed since January 2007 when CIK-FIA decided to replace the 100 cc water cooled two-stroke engines with 125 cc Touch-and-Go (TaG) water-cooled two-stroke engines. Chassis and engines must be approved by the CIK-FIA. Minimum weight is 160 kg with driver.

Karts are equipped with an electric starter and clutch. The engine rpm is limited at 15,000 rpm.

It is one of the highest kart classes and is run in both national and continental championships, with the most prestigious being the European championship and World Cup.

ee also

* KF1
* KF3
* KZ1
* KZ2
* Superkart

External links

* [http://www.cikfia.com CIK-FIA web site]
* [http://www.karting1.co.uk Karting 1 - Karting Information. Tips, Guides, Interviews, and Karting Features]

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