United Democrats

United Democrats

party_name = United Democrats
(Ενωμένοι Δημοκράτες)
leader = Praxoula Antoniadou
colorcode = gold
foundation = 1993
ideology = Liberalism
headquarters = Nicosia, Cyprus
international =
europarl =
website = http://www.edi.org.cy/

The United Democrats ("Ενωμένοι Δημοκράτες", "Enomeni Dimokrates") is a liberal party in Cyprus. The party was founded by former President of Cyprus George Vasiliou in 1993 as "Kinima Eleftheron Dimokraton" (Movement of free democrats). The party later merged with ADISOK (a group of ex- AKEL members) to form United Democrats.The party is a member of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party. Its member of parliament, Androulla Vasiliou is member of the ELDR Bureau.At the last legislative elections, 27 May 2001, the party won 2.6% of the popular vote and 1 out of 56 seats.

During the 2004 Annan Plan Referendum, the party supported the Annan Plan for Cyprus.

In 2005 the party's president George Vasiliou stepped down and Michalis Papapetrou was elected president. In the elections of 21 May 2006, the party won only 1.6% and lost parliamentary representation. After the loss of the parliamentary representation Michalis Papapetrou expressed the will to resign as a leader of the party. In March 2007 the vice-president Praxoula Antoniadou took the leadership of the party.


1996-2005 George Vasiliou2005-2007 Michalis Papapetrou2007-Unknown Praxoula Antoniadou

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