Stalwart class ocean surveillance ship

Stalwart class ocean surveillance ship
Stalwart as originally configured. Aft view of equipment for the Surveillance Towed-Array Sensor System (SURTASS), 1986.
USNS Stalwart
Class overview
Builders: (1-12) Tacoma Boatbuilding Company, Tacoma, Washington
(13-18) VT Halter Marine, Inc., Moss Point, Mississippi
Operators: United States
New Zealand
Succeeded by: T-AGOS) were a class of United States Naval Ship (USNS) auxiliary support Ocean Surveillance Ships commissioned between April 1984 and January 1990. Their original purpose was to collect underwater acoustical information using the Surveillance Towed Array Sensor System (SURTASS), a towed array passive sonar.

USNS Stalwart (T-AGOS 1), USNS Indomitable (T-AGOS 7) and USNS Capable (T-AGOS 16) were modified to support narcotics interdiction by removing SURTASS equipment and adding an air-search radar and tactical data link equipment.[1]


Ship Name Hull No. Delivery-
Fate Link
Stalwart 1 1984–2002 State University of New York Maritime College NVR NavSource
Contender 2 1984–1992 T/V Kings Pointer, flagship and training vessel of the United States Merchant Marine Academy NVR NavSource USMMA
Vindicator 3 1984–1993 NOAA Hi'Ialakai (R-334) NVR NavSource NOAA
Triumph 4 1985–1995 Stricken, to be disposed of in support of Fleet training exercise NVR NavSource
Assurance 5 1985–1995 Transferred to Portugal as ALM Gago Coutinho (A-523) NVR NavSource
Persistent 6 1985–1995 T/S State of Michigan, Great Lakes Maritime Academy, Traverse City, Michigan NVR NavSource NMC
Indomitable 7 1985–2002 NOAA McArthur II (R-330) NVR NavSource NOAA
Prevail 8 1986- Reclassified as Unclassified miscellaneous vessel Prevail (IX-537) NVR NVR NavSource
Assertive 9 1986–2004 Transferred to NOAA to be converted FY 2007 and to replace NOAA David Starr Jordan. Damaged during a fire at NOAA's pier in Seattle Washington July of 2006, transferred to Seattle Maritime Academy. (R 444) in FY 2008 NVR NavSource
Invincible 10 1987- Converted to T-AGM 24, Missile Range Instrumentation Ship NVR NavSource MSC
Audacious 11 1989–1997 Transferred to Portugal as ALM Dom Carlos I (A-522) NVR NavSource
Bold 12 1989–2004 EPA Bold (OSV-224) NVR NavSource EPA
Adventurous 13 1988–1992 NOAA Oscar Elton Sette (R-335) NVR NavSource NOAA
Worthy 14 1988–1993 Transferred to USGS, then to the US Army. Converted to a Missile Range Instrumentation Ship at Kwajalein Atoll's Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site NVR NavSource KMRSS
Titan 15 1989–1993 NOAA Ka'Imimoana (R-333) NVR NavSource NOAA
Capable 16 1989–2004 NOAA Okeanos Explorer (R-337) NVR NavSource NOAA
Tenacious 17 1987–1997 Transferred to New Zealand as HMNZS Resolution (A-14) NVR NavSource
Relentless 18 1990–1993 NOAA Gordon Gunter (R-336) NVR NavSource NOAA


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