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Sannie Charlotte Carlson (born April 11, 1970 in Skælskør, Denmark) is best known as Whigfield and also Naan. She is a Danish singer best known for the song "Saturday Night", a hugely popular single of summer 1994.


Whigfield spent several years in Africa as a child before returning to her native country. She rose to prominence when her single "Saturday Night" became the summer smash hit of 1994, thanks to extensive play in the clubs of the Mediterranean and the fact that it had a dance which many found easy to learn. She became the first ever non-UK artist to debut at No.1 in her first week in the UK Singles Chart. Her music was also very successful in Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, France and the Nordic countries during the 1994 Eurodance phenomenon.

However the only place where she has yet to achieve success, and has eluded her since, is the United States (Even though she placed both "Saturday Night" and "Another Day" on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1995, with "Night" peaking at #19 and "Day" coming in at #21, respectively).

Later singles include "Think of You", "Close To You", "Last Christmas", "Gimme Gimme" and "Sexy Eyes".

Like the group Milli Vanilli, Whigfield was accused of not singing her own songs. This was because she did all her live performances lip synching (miming to a backing track), and she has a high-pitched voice in the recorded tracks which is different from her speaking voice. "Saturday Night" was produced by Larry Pignagnoli and Davide Riva, two Italian producers known for a variety of Eurodance projects, who usually worked with vocalists such as Daniella Galli (better known as Dhany), Annerley Gordon (aka Ann Lee) and Sandy Chambers. Another Pignagnoli project, Ally & Jo, featured a similar voice to Whigfield's but different faces in the CD cover and led to the accusations. However, it has been demonstrated on numerous occasions that Whigfield does do her own vocals, whilst touring in Brazil with a live band and being requested to sing live by Neil Fox, a UK DJ.According to http://www.eurokdj.com the vocals of Whigfield might belong to Annerly Gordon (one of the well-kept secrets of 90's Italian eurodance music)

In October 2007 Whigfield released "All In One", a greatest hits album with past hits being resung with newer, modern beats. The album includes updated versions of "Think Of You", "Gotta Getcha", "Sexy Eyes", "Givin All My Love", "No Tears To Cry", "Was A Time", "Close To You", "Out Of Sight", "Another Day", and of course her biggest hit "Saturday Night". The album also includes 2 brand new songs titled "Right in the Night" and "Rainbow". On December 18, she released her first single in 3 years, think of you, which contains mixes from Mathieu Bouthier & Muttonheads and Gabry Ponte. A second single "Right In The Night" was released in May 2008 which peaked at #4 on the Eurodance.com Interactive Chart.

aturday Night dance

"Saturday Night" is famous for its characteristic associated dance, which has the unusual feature of looping a pattern of five bar-long steps over an ordinary four-bar cycle of music. The steps are, in order:
* Both arms bent at 90 degrees, elbows held at waist, both pushing to the right then to the left
* Left arm stationary, supporting right elbow, right upper arm twiddles. Then reversed.
* Bend over forwards rolling arms around each other
* Hands on waist, step forwards then backwards
* Four jumps, whilst rotating body gradually clockwise by 90 degrees.The end of the cycle is marked by a clap on the fourth beat, and leaves the body facing 90 degrees clockwise from the beginning.



These are the different track listing over the world of Whigfield's albums including B-sides and megamixes, these are the most common track listings

* Whigfield (1995)

* Whigfield (Special Edition 2CD) (1995)

* Whigfield 2 (1997)

* Whigfield 3 (2000)

* Whigfield 4 (2002)

* Was A Time - The Album (Re-Release of Whigfield 4) (2004)

* All In One (2007)


* Mega Mixes (1996)

* Eurodance (2001) Canada relased only

* Greatest Remix Hits (2003)

* Dance With Whigfield (2004)

* Waiting For Saturday Night - Her Greatest Hits (2004)

* Whigfield's Complete Greatest Hits (2008)


Singles released at different times in different countries - these are the main release years

*"Saturday Night" (1994)
*"Another Day" (1994)
*"Think Of You" (1995)
*"Close To You" (1995)
*"Big Time" (1995)
*"Last Christmas" (1995)
*"I Want To Love" (1996) - Selected Countries Only
*"Sexy Eyes" (1996)
*"Gimme Gimme" (1996)
*"Baby Boy" (1997)
*"No Tears To Cry" (1997)
*"Givin' All My Love" (1998)
*"Be My Baby" (1999)
*"Doo-Whop" (2000)
*"Much More" (2000)
*"Gotta Getcha" (2002)
*"Amazing & Beautiful" (2002)
*"Saturday Night 2003" (2003)
*"Was A Time" (2004)
*"Think Of You" (2007)
*"Right In The Night" (2008)
*"Saturday night 2008" (2008)

SATURDAY NIGHT TRIVIA: There have been over twenty remixes released of "Saturday Night".

Lookalike Carryl Varley using the name Black Duck performed the song [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wmk9Oar3-k0 Whiggle In Line] borrowing heavily from "Saturday Night". As with Whigfield herself it is unlikely that Carryl herself sang on the track, which was produced by the same producers as the original "Saturday night" track. "Whiggle In Line" enjoyed modest popularity in the US, and appears on several compilations of dance music.

In 2005, Sannie appeared on the Benassi Bros album 'Phobia' writing and singing on two songs, 'Feel Alive' and 'Rocket In The Sky'. Sannie choose to record these under the name Naan, and also used that name to record 'Come A Little Closer' with Malomodo, and 'Yes U R' and some vocals in 'People Of The Night' with European DJ 'Favretto'. Sannie also wrote the lyrics for 'It's Summertime' performed by Spanish singer Katla which was released October, 2005.

Sannie is still currently involved in writing, producing and recording. Most recently she wrote the lyrics for the hit 'Who's Your Daddy' performed by Benny Benassi. 'Feel Alive' was also released in Spring 2006 however the vocals on the single release are performed by Sandy. Also vocals were re-recorded by Dhany for the single release of 'Rocket In The Sky'. She also wrote "Put 'Em Up" for singer Edun, which has gone on to become a major hit on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart, where it peaked at number 3 in August 2007.

To the date, "Doo Whop" seems to be her last successful song worldwide. It was a hit in many countries like Mexico, Canada and Venezuela, where it was published on some dance music compilations.

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External links

* [http://www.sanniecarlson.com/ Sannie's Official Website]
* [http://www.myspace.com/sanniecarlson Sannie's Official MySpace]
* [http://www.whigfield.tk/ Whigfield.tk - "The Official Fansite"]
* http://benassi82.skyrock.com/ whigfield french blog
* [http://www.dailymotion.com/visited/search/black%2Bduck/video/x16ufz_black-duck-whiggle-in-line/ Whiggle in line video]

here is naan's website (whigfield - New Vocal Name) - http://www.myspace.com/naanmusic

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