Recreate for Growth

Recreate for Growth

Recreate for Growth (Spanish: Recrear para el Crecimiento, often just Recrear) is a liberal party of Argentina.

The party was formed in 2002, mostly by market-oriented members of the Radical Civic Union, headed by Ricardo López Murphy.

The Recrear Federal Movement is a national alliance formed in 2003 between Recrear itself and the Federal Movement of various provincial parties - the Salta Renewal Party, the Democratic Progressive Party, the Democratic Party of Mendoza, the Federal Party, the Liberal Party of Corrientes, the Democratic Party of the City of Buenos Aires, the Democratic Liberal Party of Córdoba, the Catamarca Popular Movement, the Provincial Union of Entre Ríos, the Party of the Hope of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Independent Citizens of Tucumán and the Federal North of Jujuy. López Murphy as the movement's presidential candidate and Ricardo Gómez Diez of Salta for vice-president in the 2003 elections, ending in third place with 18%.

In 2005 the party formed an alliance with Buenos Aires' party Commitment to Change ("Compromiso para el Cambio") led by Mauricio Macri. The alliance has attempted to form a wide-ranging right-wing front, especially with Neuquén's party, the Neuquino People's Movement ("Movimiento Popular Neuquino" - MPN), for the 2005 parliamentary elections. Recrear and its allies won nine members of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, with those of some of Recrear's constituent provincial parties. López Murphy subsequently fell out with Jorge Sobisch, leader of the MPN, and has formally teamed up with Commitment to Change to form a new centre-right electoral front, Republican Proposal (PRO).

Recrear has observer status with the Liberal International.

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