The Jewish Chronicle

The Jewish Chronicle

"The Jewish Chronicle" ("The JC") is a London-based Jewish newspaper. Founded in 1841, it is the oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper in the world.Fact|date=August 2008 It appears every Friday (except on days which are Jewish festivals, when it appears earlier in the week) providing news, views, social, cultural and sports reports, as well as editorials and a spectrum of readers' opinions on the letter page. "The JC" also sponsors the Jewish Sunday league system in London, known as the Maccabi Football League.

It is independent and is owned by the Kessler Foundation, a charitable trust which has overall control of the newspaper and its assets.

During the 1970s, its circulation was over 50,000. Today, it is less than 33,000 and dropping, a decline which can be attributed to the gradually-shrinking Anglo-Jewish community and the preference of younger readers for getting news and other Jewish information through the internet. The newspaper's own website includes paid-for searchable archives of all editions from the first to the present, making it valuable for Anglo-Jewish genealogists and historians.


* William Frankel (1958–1977)
* Ned Temko (1990–2007)
* Jeff Barak (managing editor)(2007–2008)
* David Rowan (2008–)

ee also

* The Jewish Tribune (UK)
* Hamodia
* Jewish Telegraph (UK)


*"The Jewish Chronicle and Anglo Jewry" by David Cesarani Cambridge University Press ISBN 0-521-43434-3

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