List of universities in Syria

List of universities in Syria

Universities in Syria:

Public Universities

* Damascus University in Damascus
* Aleppo University in Aleppo
* Al-Baath University in Homs and Hama
* Tishreen University in Latakia
* Furat University in Deir ez-Zor,Ar-Raqqah and Al-Hasakah
* Higher Institute for Applied Science and Technology (HIAST) in Damascus
* Higher Institute of Business Administration in Damascus
* Higher Institute of Dramatic Art (Syria) in Damascus
* National Institute of Administration in Damascus

Private Universities

* Private University of Science and Arts in Aleppo.
* Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, a branch of the academy in Latakia.
* Maamoun University for Sciences and Technology (MUST) - Al Qamishli and Aleppo
* University of Kalamoon - Deir Atieh.
* The Arab European University - in Sahnaia, Damascus-Daraa highway.
* The Arab American University for Technology (AAUT) in Aleppo.
* International University for Science and Technology (IUST) in Daraa.
* Al-Andalus University for Medical Sciences in Tartus (Actually up in the mountains near Qadmous Village).
* Wadi International University in Wadi al-Nasara (Christian Vally).
* The Syrian International University for Science and Technology, in Sahnaia, Damascus-Daraa highway.
* Al-Ittihad University in Ar-Raqqah and Aleppo.
* Al-Hwash University in Al-Hwash in Homs.
* Syrian Virtual University.
* Syrian International Academy for Training and Development in Damascus.

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