George William, Duke of Liegnitz

George William, Duke of Liegnitz

George William ( _de. Georg Wilhelm I.; _pl. Jerzy IV Wilhelm; September 29 1660 – November 21 1675) was the last duke of Liegnitz (Legnica), Brieg (Brzeg), and Wohlau (Wołów).

George William was born in Ohlau (Oława) as the son of Duke Christian of Liegnitz-Brieg-Wohlau and Luise of Anhalt-Dessau. He was a member of the Silesian Piasts.

The independent Masovian Piasts died out in 1526, while the Teschen (Cieszyn) line died out in 1653. George William was therefore the last ruling member of all the Piast dynasty, while his uncle, Count Augustus of Liegnitz, was the last surviving member of the dynasty. Upon his death in Brieg (Brzeg), the Habsburg Monarchy of Austria took up the government.


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