Clare of Rimini

Clare of Rimini
Blessed Clare of Rimini
Born 1282
Died 10 February 1346(1346-02-10)
Honored in Roman Catholicism
Beatified 1782 by Pope Pius VI
Major shrine Rimini
Feast 10 February (in Rimini)

Blessed Clare of Rimini, born as Chiara Agolanti, was born at Rimini in 1282 and died there on February 10, 1346. She was deprived at an early age of the support and guidance of her parents and, later, of her pious husband. She soon fell a prey to the dangers to which her youth and beauty exposed her, and began to lead a life of sinful dissipation.

One day when she was attending Mass in the church of the Franciscan Friars, she seemed to hear a mysterious voice that bade her say an Our Father and a Hail Mary at least once with fervour and attention. Clare obeyed the command, not knowing from where it came, and then began to reflect upon her life.

She made the decision to enter into the Third Order of St. Francis, resolving to expiate her sins by a life of penance. She soon became a model of every virtue, but more especially of charity towards the destitute and afflicted. When the Poor Clares were compelled to leave Regno on account of the prevailing wars, it was mainly through the exertions of Clare that they were able to obtain a convent and means of sustenance at Rimini.

Later, Clare herself entered the order of Poor Clares, along with several other pious women, and became superioress of the convent of Our Lady of the Angels at Rimini. She worked numerous miracles and towards the close of her life was favored in an extraordinary manner with the gift of contemplation. Her body now reposes in the cathedral of Rimini.

In 1782 the cult of Blessed Clare was approved by Pope Pius VI, who permitted her feast to be celebrated in the city and Diocese of Rimini on February 10.

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