Alan Templeton

Alan Templeton

Alan Templeton is a United States geneticist and statistician from Washington University in St. Louis, known for his theories regarding the lack of genetic differences between humans of different races. [ "Out Of Africa" - A visual model of genetic Migration] According to Templeton's research, perceived differences in races are more related to cultural perceptions and biases than any underlying genetic reality. [ [ A plea to lose the race] The Age, July 15, 2004] For example, Templeton's statistical analysis of the human genome shows that much greater genetic diversity exists between populations of chimpanzees than humans.

Anthropologists in search of the fame associated with discovery have been too zealous in their efforts to distinguish between different classes of primitive man, such as Cro-Magnon, Homo sapiens and Neandertal. Instead, modern humans are closer to primitive man than currently thought, Templeton argues.

"I can find living humans whose DNA is more different from each other than a Neanderthal's is different from mine," Templeton asserts.

Templeton claims that "H. sapiens" did not wipe out their evolutionary predecessors but instead bred with them.

"For my generation it was "make love not war". That's what's really going on when people go into new areas, they interbreed, they don't wipe everybody out." (quotes from "The Age")


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