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Location of Chempanthotty
in Kerala and India
Coordinates 12°06′04″N 75°27′30″E / 12.1010324°N 75.4583073°E / 12.1010324; 75.4583073Coordinates: 12°06′04″N 75°27′30″E / 12.1010324°N 75.4583073°E / 12.1010324; 75.4583073
Country India
State Kerala
District(s) Kannur
Parish Priest Rev.Fr.Joseph Pathiyottil
Population 24,615 (2009)
Time zone IST (UTC+05:30)

Chempanthotty (Malayalam: ചെമ്പന്തൊട്ടി) is a village in Kannur district in the Indian state of Kerala. Human beings are said to have lived here for more than 1000 years.

Chempanthotty is located 20 km away from Taliparamba in Kannur district. Most of the villagers are farmers, growing predominantly rubber, pepper, cashew, coconut, mango and vegetables.



The modern history of this town starts with the arrival of migrants from south Kerala during the 1930s. The hard work of the migrants made Chempanthotty a big town with almost all the facilities to meet the basic needs of its population. Now the town has become a hub of action.


The mainstay of the people of this place is agriculture. With the hike in price of rubber, the economic condition of most of the families has improved. The main crops grown are rubber, coconut, pepper, cashew, tapioca, arecanut, and other plantation crops.

Rubber occupies the largest area among plantation crops. Next to rubber, coconut is the most popular crop. Cashew is yet another important plantation. Arecanut stands in the fourth place Among spices, pepper occupies an important place. Pepper is mostly grown as an intercrop with coconut, arecanut and various fruit trees. In the hilly surroundings of Chempanthotty like Sreekandapuram and Naduvil, the inter-cultivation is done with rubber and cashew. But now the scene is slowly changing. Now a number of youngsters seek employment in gulf countries and in other cities of India.


Chempanthotty has a humid climate with an oppressive hot season from March till the end of May. This is followed by the South-West monsoon which continues till the end of September. October and November are the months for the North East Monsoon or Thulamazha. It is very pleasant in December, January and Febrauary.

Local Regions


  • Towards [Sreekandapuram]


Towards [Chuzhali]


  • Towards [Chemperi]


  • Towards [Naduvil]

There is a beautiful shrine of Saint Antony at Kokkai.The kokkai river borders the two panchayats of Naduvil and Sreekandapuram. Most inhabitants of kokkai are successful migrants from Mid travancore.


Cherupushpam UP School

  • School established in 1954
  • School Website
  • Website with school news and alumni features

Kuriakose Varikamackal

  • Was a teacher in this school for years and his subject was Mathematics.

Abraham (Kuttappan)

  • Was also teacher in this school

St.George's High School

E Ananthan Nambiar

Former, retired Head Master of St.George's High School who was awarded by the President of Republic India in 1991 for the best teacher on state level, from Kerala

Anniyamma Thayyil

Anniyamma teacher was a teacher in this school

Eby N Jose

Nationally famous Artist who was worked in this school as an Art teacher for very loong


Here is a public library with more than 10,000 issuable books and reference books


St. George Syro-Malabar Christian Catholic Church Established in 1954 Sebastian Valloppilly is located in the heart of the village on a small hill. There are also two convents in the village: F. C. Convent (founded 1959) and C. S. N. Convent (founded 2001). Gurukulam is situated at Pallam. A shopping complex opened in Chempanthotty in 1993 operated by Parish.


  • Isidor Thevalakkattu
  • Joseph Ambattu
  • Baby Tholampuzha
  • E.C. Andrews Edakkalathur

Priests served in the Parish

  • Fr.kunnappallil Jacob (1954–59)
  • Fr.Kavalakkattu Abraham (1959)
  • Fr.Kunnel Joseph (1959–62)
  • Fr.Manakkattumattam Alexander (1962–67)
  • Fr. Valayil Francis (1967–70)
  • Fr.Cheeramkuzhy Joseph (1970–72)
  • Fr.Puthenpura Jacob (1972–77)
  • Fr.Purayidam Antony (1977–80)
  • Fr.Adipuzha Joseph (1980–83)
  • Fr.Srambickal George (1983–89)
  • FR.Kodakanady George (1989–92)
  • Fr.Thythottathil Thomas (1992–95)
  • Fr.Alavelil Kuriakose (1995)
  • Fr.Kanjirakkattu Sebastian Joseph (1995–99)
  • Fr.Kavalakkattu Kuriakose (1999–2002)
  • Fr.sebastion Pulickal(2002-2007)
  • Fr.Dr.Joseph Pathiyottil(2007-2010)
  • Fr.Emmanuel Poovathinkal(2010-cont.)



There are two mosques in this village. One is near to town beside the pallam bridge and the other one situates at thoppilayi


  • F. C. Convent Established in 1959
  • C. S. N. Convent Established in 2001


  • Preeti Hotel
  • Hotel Jesus
  • Tea shop run by Sulaiman
  • hotel maria
  • hotel chythanya


  • North Malabar Gramin Bank
  • Nediyenga Co-Operative Bank

Important Individuals

Name Period Details

Tholampuzha Kunjhettan (Varkey)

1910–1982 *Who freely gave property for educational and religious organizations (School, Church, Convent etc.,)

Njallimakkal Pappchan

NA *Community leader for years

Urumpukattil Joseph

NA *One of the first migrant settlers in the beginning who reached Chempanthotty in 1946.

Kuttiath Pappachan

NA *One of the migrant among few in the beginning.

Thannikakuzhy Perappan

NA *Head of a known family and was a shopper.

Konnackal Pappachan

1925–1991 *Head of a known family and was a farmer.

Konnackal Kuttappan

NA *A Teacher.more info added soon or you can add.

Konnackal Chackochan

NA *Head of a known family and was a merchant.
  • Pathmanabhan (Artist Pappettan)
  • Arackal Kuttichettan
  • Kuriakose Sir (A Teacher..more information will be added soon or you can add)
  • Chirattavelil Sir
  • Karottu Joseph
  • CD Teacher
  • Theyyamma Teacher
  • Manyathu Sir
  • Ret. Headmaster GV George
  • Devasia Edacheril(one of the earliest migrant to chempanthotty)
  • Joseph Vazhupadickal
  • Mariyamma Vazhupadickal
  • Kuriakose Vazhupadickal
  • Chirattavelil Sunil (Known character in Chempanthotty who died in a Road accident on 19 May 2010)
  • karottu Abraham (completing 50 years of selfless service at st.George church chempanthotty)

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