The Moondancers confront Batman
Art by Jerome K. Moore
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance World's Finest Comics #295 (September 1983)
Created by David A Kraft (writer)
L.B. Kellog (plot)
Jerome K. Moore (artist)
In-story information
Base(s) Mobile
Member(s) Crescent Moon
Harvest Moon
New Moon

The Moondancers are a fictional DC Comics team of radical pacifist terrorists. They first appeared in World's Finest Comics #295 (September 1983), and were created by David A Kraft, L.B. Kellog and Jerome K. Moore.


Publication history

World's Finest Comics #295

The Moondancers are radical pacifist terrorists who go about sabotaging military satellites and weapons installations in a misguided attempt to end all wars. Batman was brought in to investigate the scene of one of their assaults. The next time the Moondancers attempt to prevent the launch of a military communications satellite, Batman attempts to stop them and is nearly killed, causing Superman to be summoned.

During a clash with Superman and Batman, the mysterious benefactor of the Moondancers is revealed to be a Japanese scientist named Nakamura, a survivor of Hiroshima who was unhinged by the event. Nakamura is badly wounded after a failed attempt to destroy the satellite himself.

According to the Moondancers they only employ violence in order to bring about world peace. A credo they share with Wonder Woman. Batman and Superman let the trio go, because as Batman says "We can't condone their methods.. but we can't condemn them for their goals...".[1]

The Moondancers were last seen in Animal Man #25 (July 1990).


  • Crescent Moon - Silver haired woman who uses gravitakinesis to control and levitate the flying platform.
  • Harvest Moon - A muscular redhead with the power to increase her size and commensurate strength.
  • New Moon - An African-American woman who uses cryokinesis to fire blasts of intensely cold dark energy.


Other lunar themed women in DC Comics are:

  • Blue Moon, a mercenary occultist hired to kill Ragman, her powers wax and wane with the moon. First appears in Shadowpact #6 (December 2006).
  • Lady Lunar, an enemy of Superman. First appears in Wonder Woman series 1 #252 (February 1979).
  • Moonbow, an ally of Green Arrow. First appears in Fury of Firestorm #48 (June 1986).
  • Moon Maiden, member of the Justice League. First appears in JLA Giant Size Special #3 (October 2000).
  • Mother Moon, a matronly member of the Siren Sisterhood that protects the Microcosmos. She has healing powers. First appears in JLA series 1 #213 (April 1983).[2]


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