Eristavi ( _ka. ერისთავი; literally, “head of the people”) was a Georgian feudal office, roughly equivalent to the Byzantine "strategos" and normally translated into English as "duke". In the Georgian aristocratic hierarchy, it was the title of the third rank of prince and governor of a large province. Holders of the title were ex-officio commanders of a military 'banner', wore a distinctive dress, ring, belt and spear and rode a particular breed of horse.

Some high-ranking eristavis were also titled as eristavt-eristavi (ერისთავთ-ერისთავი), i.e. "duke of dukes", but it is improbable that the holder of the title had any subordinate eristavis. Erismtavari (ერისმთავარი; literally, "chief of the people") was a similar title chiefly endowed upon the pre-Bagratid rulers of Iberia (Georgia) and later used interchangeably with the "eristav"i.

The title gave origin to the surname of a Georgian noble family, Eristavi, who had once served as eristavis of the Aragvi and Ksani gorges under the kings of Georgia.

Eristavi families

*Eristavi of Aragvi
*Eristavi of Ksani
*Eristavi of Racha

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