List of Melungeons

List of Melungeons

This is a list of notable people of possible Melungeon ancestry.

*Ava Gardner
*Tom Hanks
*Abraham Lincoln (via mother, Nancy Hanks)
*Steve Martin
*Elvis Presley

Some lesser-known noteworthy Melungeons:

*Vardemon Collins, Melungeon patriarch
*Brent Kennedy, author
*Jack Goins, author & archivist
*Rich Mullins, singer-songwriter
*Claude Collins, educator & activist
*DruAnna Overbay, author & educator
*Jimmy Martin, "The King of Bluegrass"
*Lisa Alther, novelist
*Wayne Winkler, author
*Mahala Mullins, famed moonshiner and folk heroine
*Harrison Collins, Medal of Honor recipient (Civil War)
*Jim Callahan, author
*Mattie Ruth Johnson, author
*Daisy M. Carthell Johnson, Past Worthy Grand Matron (Eastern Star)
*Chris Goins, lumber yard impresario

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