Flight test instrumentation

Flight test instrumentation

Flight test instrumentation is the name given to the recording and monitoring equipment fitted to experimental aircraft to monitor their behaviour in flight. It can refer to both military and civil applications, and can monitor various parameters from the temperatures of specific components to the speed of the engines. This is often displayed in the cockpit or cabin to allow the aircrew to monitor the aircraft in flight, and is usually recorded on digital or magnetic media to allow the data to be interpreted later.

External links

* [http://www.sfte.org/ Society of Flight Test Engineers]
* [http://www.flighttestsafety.org/ Flight Test Safety Committee]
* [http://assets.cambridge.org/052180/9924/sample/0521809924ws.pdf "Airplane Stability and Control"]
* [http://spaceagecontrol.com/AD-FlightTestInstrumentationEngineering1.pdf Flight Test Instrumentation Engineering 1]
* [http://spaceagecontrol.com/AD-FlightTestInstrumentationEngineering2.pdf Flight Test Instrumentation Engineering 2]
* [http://spaceagecontrol.com/AD-PracticalAspectsOfInstrumentationSystemInstallation.pdf Practical Aspects of Instrumentation System Installation]

ee also

* Aerospace engineering
* Flight test
* Flight test engineer

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