Politics of Albania

Politics of Albania

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Politics of Albania takes place in a framework of a parliamentary representative democracy is the head of government, and of a multi-party system. Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and parliament, the Assembly of the Republic of Albania (Kuvendi i Republikës së Shqipërisë). Since 1991, the introduction of pluralism, the party system is dominated by the Democratic Party of Albania and the (post-communist) Socialist Party of Albania.

Its official journal is Albanian Official Journal.


Executive branch

The building of the Prime Ministry.

The head of state in Albania is the President of the Republic. The President is elected to a 5-year term by the Assembly of the Republic of Albania by secret ballot, requiring a two-thirds majority of the votes of all deputies. The next election will run in the year 2012. The current President of the Republic is Bamir Topi.

The President has the power to guarantee observation of the constitution and all laws, act as commander in chief of the armed forces, exercise the duties of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania when the Assembly is not in session, and appoint the Chairman of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister).

Executive power rests with the Council of Ministers (cabinet). The Chairman of the Council (Prime Minister) is appointed by the President; ministers are nominated by the President on the basis of the Prime Minister's recommendation. The People's Assembly must give final approval of the composition of the Council. The Council is responsible for carrying out both foreign and domestic policies. It directs and controls the activities of the ministries and other state organs.

Legislative branch

The building of the Assembly of Albania.

The Assembly of the Republic of Albania (Kuvendi i Republikës së Shqipërisë) is the lawmaking body in Albania. There are 140 deputies in the Assembly, of which 100 are directly elected by an absolute majority of the voters, and 40 are chosen by their parties on the basis of proportional representation. The President of the Assembly (or Speaker) has two deputies and chairs the Assembly. There are 15 permanent commissions, or committees. Parliamentary elections are held at least every 4 years.

The Assembly has the power to decide the direction of domestic and foreign policy; approve or amend the constitution; declare war on another state; ratify or annul international treaties; elect the President of the Republic, the Supreme Court, and the Attorney General and his or her deputies; and control the activity of state radio and television, state news agency, and other official information media.

Judicial branch

The court system consists of a Constitutional Court, the Court of Cassation, appeals courts, and district courts. The Constitutional Court comprises nine members appointed by the People's Assembly for maximum 9-year terms. The Constitutional Court interprets the constitution, determines the constitutionality of laws, and resolves disagreements between local and federal authorities. The remaining courts are each divided into three jurisdictions: criminal, civil, and military. The Court of Cassation is the highest court of appeal and consists of 11 members appointed by the People's Assembly and serving 7-year terms. The President of the Republic chairs the High Council of Justice (HCJ) charged with appointing and dismissing other judges. The HCJ was expanded in late 1997 to comprise 13 members from among the various branches of government.

A college of three judges renders Albanian court verdicts; there is no jury trial, although the college is sometimes referred to in the Albanian press as the "jury."

Principal Government Officials

  • President of Albania: Bamir Topi
  • Prime Minister of Albania: Sali Berisha
  • Deputy Prime Minister: Edmond Haxhinasto
  • Minister of Agriculture: Genc Ruli
  • Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth, & Sports: Aldo Bumçi
  • Minister of Defense: Arben Imami
  • Minister of Education & Science: Myqerem Tafaj
  • Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy: Nasip Naço
  • Minister of Environment: Fatmir Mediu
  • Minister of Finance: Ridvan Bode
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Edmond Haxhinasto
  • Minister of Health: Petrit Vasili
  • Minister of Justice: Eduard Halimi
  • Minister of Labor & Social Issues: Spiro Ksera
  • Minister of Interior: Bujar Nishani
  • Minister of Public Works & Transport and Telecommunications: Sokol Olldashi
  • Minister of State for Integration: Majlinda Bregu
  • Minister of Innovation, Technology Innovation and Communication: Genc Pollo
  • Chairman, National Intelligence Service: Bahri Shaqiri
  • Chairman, National Police : Hysni Burgaj
  • Governor, Albanian State Bank: Ardian Fullani

International Organization Participation


Administrative divisions

Albania is divided into 12 counties or prefectures. Counties are appointed by the Council of Ministers. Each county comprises several districts (Rreths), of which there are 36. Each district has its own local administration and governor. District governors are elected by the District Council, whose members are selected from party lists made public to voters before local elections, on the basis of proportional representation. City mayors are directly elected by voters, while city councils are chosen by proportional representation.

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