Singer (disambiguation)

Singer (disambiguation)

A singer is a person who sings.

Singer may refer also to:
* Singer Corporation, major manufacturer of sewing machines
* Singer Building, in which the Singer Corporation was based in New York City
* Singer (surname), a list of people with the surname, Singer
* Singer (animal), a canine species also known as New Guinea Singing Dog
* Singer (car), an automobile marque of the Rootes Group
* Singer (bicycles), the French bicycle manufacturer
* "The Singer", a poem by Alexander Pushkin
* Singer railway station

Some people of the name, Singer, who have entries in Wikipedia:

*Singer, Bryan
*Singer, Burns
*Singer, Charles
*Singer, Eric
*Singer, Fred
*Singer, Isaac (1811-1875), developer of the sewing machine
*Singer, Isaac Bashevis (1904-1991), novelist
*Singer, Isadore
*Singer, Israel Joshua
*Singer, Kyle
*Singer, Marcus George
*Singer, Margaret
*Singer, Peter, ethicist
*Singer, Peter W.
*Singer, Rolf (1906-1994), mycologist
*Singer, Winnaretta
*Singer-Brewster, Stephen

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