Foreign Branches of Fondo de Cultura Económica

Foreign Branches of Fondo de Cultura Económica

The Foreign Branches of Fondo de Cultura Económica are offices that the Mexican publishing house has established outside of Mexico. Ever since the first foreign branch of FCE opened in 1945, they have done nothing but expand and grow. These branches are very varied in their programs and facilities, but all aim toward the same goal: to promote the best books written in Spanish throughout the region and the world.

FCE Argentina

Even though Fondo de Cultura Económica has been present in Chile since 1954, the real beginning of this foreign branch was in 1989, after diplomatic relations between Mexico and this country were reestablished in 1973. This branch has consolidated its own editorial program through the joint publishing of books with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Economical Commission for Latin America. Through its own bookstore the Chilean branch has distributed books throughout the country and strengthened the cultural exchange between Chile, Mexico and other Latin American countries.

FCE Colombia

In 1975 the branch of Fondo de Cultura Económica in Lima, Peru, opened its doors. Since then, besides becoming the point of dissemination for the FCE's catalog, it became the place in which many famous Peruvian authors and intellectuals gathered. Later, FCE Peru turned into the cornerstone for the signing of agreements with various universities and institutions, such as the Mayor de San Marcos, the Universidad Católica de Lima and the Universidad San Agustín de Arequipa. These agreements have helped a great deal in promoting Mexican and other Latin American authors in this country.

FCE Spain

The building in which the branch of Fondo de Cultura Económica in Venezuela is established was inaugurated in 1994, and it comprises a bookstore, the administrative offices and a distribution company.

Even though the demand for books in Venezuela is relatively small, FCE’s branch in this country has positioned itself as a leader in the internal market with the opening of two bookstores in Caracas and various important editorial activities.

The manager for this branch, Pedro Tucat, has been working with FCE for more than 30 years.

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