Rotax Max

Rotax Max

BRP- Rotax has designed an unique engine concept (MAX) for race karts, which is offered in different performance configurations.

The MAX engine is a liquid cooled 125 cc, two-stroke engine with a balance shaft, integrated water pump, electric starter and centrifugal clutch. The combination of onboard electric starter and the centrifugal clutch simplifies the operation of the engine therefore this concept is called TaG (Touch and Go).

With the much lower rpm level of the MAX engines they can run on just 2% oil and also the durability compared to other race kart engines is much higher.

125 Junior MAX engine:
*15 kW
*recommended for juniors from 13– 16 years
* has a cylinder without exhaust valve

The 125 Junior MAX engine can be simply downgraded to the clear

125 Mini MAX engine configuration by means of an intake and exhaust restricto:
* 10 kW
* recommended for kids from 10 – 13 years

It can also be downgraded to the 125 Micro MAX engine configuration by means of a different exhaust and radiator:
* 5 kW
* recommended for kids from 8 – 10 years .

A 125 Junior MAX engine can be also upgraded by means of a cylinder with exhaust valve to a 125 MAX engine configuration:
* 21 kW
* recommended as of 15 years
* has a cylinder with exhaust valve

The top line of the MAX engine family is the 125 MAX DD2:
* 24 kW
* recommended as of 15 years
* has a two speed gearbox and a chainless drive system

BRP-Rotax has introduced for the MAX engine concept a single (engine) brand race series called Rotax Max Challenge . This race series is organized in various classes (125 Micro MAX, 125 Mini MAX, 125 Junior MAX, 125 MAX and 125 MAX DD2) in more than 50 countries of the world. Competitors from the national ROTAX MAX Challenges in the 125 Junior MAX-, 125 MAX- and 125 MAX DD2 class can qualify to participate at the annual Grand Final of the ROTAX MAX Challenge, where most of the costs are covered by BRP-Rotax.

To assure the equal performance of the engines BRP-Rotax has established a very strict technical regulation and a sealing system for the engines. Just official service centers are authorized to check engines on their conformity with the technical regulation and to seal them.

With the MAX engine concept BRP-Rotax has revolutionized the racing kart market and more than 50.000 customers are the best confirmation of this success story.

External links

* [ Rotax] Official website
* [ Rotax Max engines] Official website
* [ Rotax Max Challenge] Official website

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