Great Perm

Great Perm

Great Perm or Permia ( _ru. Великая Пермия) was a medieval Komi state in the modern-day Perm Krai of Russia. Cherdyn is said to have been its capital. [ [ Article on Cherdyn] . In English.]

The relationship of Permia to Bjarmaland of Norse sagas is often speculated, but remains uncertain. Fact|date=October 2008It has also been suggested that Wisu mentioned by contemporary Arabic sources would have been the same as Great Perm.

The principality was located in Upper Kama area and maintained close connections with Perm of Vychegda (aka Perm the Minor) in the neighborhood. Both Perm countries paid tribute to Novgorod Republic since 9th or 10th century. Perm of Vychegda was christianized by Stephen of Perm in the 14th century and subsequently subdued by Moscovy. In 1451 a House of princes of Perm gained control of both countries as vassals of Moscow with titles of princes Vymsky, and princes Velikopermsky. In fact even being also christianized soon after that the Great Perm had more independence than Perm of Vychegda and balanced between three powers: Moscow, Novgorod, and Kazan. Finally in 1472 an army of vassals of Moscow with princes Vymsky among them conquered the Great Perm and captured their brother prince Michel Velikopermsky. Nevertheless the latter soon came back from Moscow as a governor again and ruled his domain for life. His son Mathew Velikopermsky was finally deposed by Grand Prince of Moscow in 1505. [ [ Article on Great Perm] . In English.]

Up to the early 18th century, the name Great Perm was officially used of the Upper Kama area, a southern part of which was governed by Stroganovs.

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