Highway 60 (Israel)

Highway 60 (Israel)

Highway 60 (Hebrew: כביש 60‎, "Kvish Shishim") is a north-south intercity road in Israel and the West Bank that stretches from Beersheba to Nazareth.[citation needed]



Route 60 south of Afula

The route is also known as the "Route of the Patriarchs" (Hebrew: דרך האבות‎) since it follows the path of the ancient highway that runs along the length of the central watershed, and which prominently figures into the travels of the Biblical patriarchs.

From its junction with Route 40 in Beersheba to the city's outskirts, Route 60 is a dual carriageway with at-grade intersections. While it continues on to serve as the main north-south artery between Israeli settlements and Palestinian communities such as the cities of Hebron and Bethlehem in the southern West Bank, it is a two-lane, shoulderless road until past Hebron at Gush Etzion Junction, where it regains its lane-separation until short of Bethlehem, that section having recently been widened. Upon entering Jerusalem, its lanes are again mostly separated as it serves as a central artery in the city center. In the northern quarters it becomes a separate grade freeway with multiple interchanges, from where it continues through the central and northern West Bank as a two-lane road, not being divided again until the stretch between Afula and its terminus in downtown Nazareth.[1]

Due to it running through a mainly rural setting, many of the junctions along its route feature hitchhiking posts called trempiadas.

Highway 60 in Jerusalem

Within Jerusalem, Highway 60, known by the municipality as the TalpiotAtarot route and often referred to by its official Jerusalem Municipality designation, "Road 1" (not to be confused with National Highway 1), is the central north-south artery running through the city centre. The Jerusalem portion of the road begins at the separation wall at the Bethlehem checkpoint, then runs north past Beit Safafa and Gilo, and on through Talpiot. This section, known as "Hebron Road" (Hebrew: דרך חברון‎), is divided with multiple lanes and has undergone recent construction to include dedicated bus lanes and infrastructure for its eventual conversion into a line of the Jerusalem Light Rail.

At its junction with 'David Remez Street'. in the Abu Tor neighborhood, Route 60 narrows and descends into the Hinnom Valley, curving around Sultan's Pool directly under Mount Zion. It then ascends as 'Hativat Yerushalayim Street' to intersect with the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem.

Road 60 crossing Street of the Prophets; the Dome of the Rock can be seen in the far right background.

From there it runs underneath the Jaffa Gate Square, briefly overlaps Jaffa Road and then it enters a tunnel passing underneath Jerusalem's New Gate. It emerges just west of the Damascus Gate intersecting with Street of the Prophets, again becoming a divided street. This section of the road includes tracks for the now completed Jerusalem Light Rail's 'red line'.

Briefly called Heil HaHandassa Boulevard and then 'Haim Bar-Lev Boulevard', it continues northward passing Meah Shearim, the American Colony, and French Hill, until Meinertzhagen junction, where it becomes a separate grade freeway. As a freeway, it interchanges with Highway 1 at Sha'ar Mizrah. The freeway then bypasses Shuafat with one of the longest and highest bridges in the country, feeding into Beit Hanina and Pisgat Ze'ev with two more interchanges. It continues as an at-grade road intersecting with 'Neve Yaakov Blvd' and finally exits the city near Kalandia.

Bypass roads

Before the Oslo Accords, Palestinians lived under Israeli authority and could travel freely on the road. After the Palestinian Authority assumed control over various cities, Israel established checkpoints on areas of the route which entered Palestinian jurisdiction. New routes of highway were paved so that Israeli traffic could bypass the Palestinian towns in order to reduce friction. These so-called 'bypass roads,' while a contentious issue in their own right due to the varying levels of limitation on Palestinian access, also served as an improvement to the road which allowed traffic to flow around, rather than through the heart of congested urban areas.

Tunnel and bridge to Gush Etzion below Gilo

One of the more sophisticated segments is the stretch known as the "Tunnels Highway." Designed by a French firm[specify], the route, which leads from southern Jerusalem to the Gush Etzion area, bypasses Bethlehem to the northwest using a pair of tunnels. The northern tunnel, called the Gilo tunnel because it is adjacent to the settlement of Gilo, is 270 metres long. The second tunnel, called the Refaim tunnel based on the nearby Refaim Valley and passing under Har Gilo and Beit Jala, is 900 m long, making it the longest road tunnel in the West Bank. The tunnels are linked by the West Bank's highest and longest bridge, crossing the Walaja Valley.[citation needed]

Arab-Israeli conflict

Route 60 was a central scene of violence during the al-Aqsa Intifada, which was in part defined by the thousands of shooting attacks on its Israeli traffic, including hundreds of casualties.[citation needed] The Israeli Army, in response, has fortified various sections with anti-sniper walls and had established checkpoints along the route.[citation needed] The Tunnels Highway came under particularly heavy assault during the shooting on Gilo neighborhood since it lies between Gilo and Beit Jala. The concrete barriers employed on other dangerous stretches of road were too heavy to be supported by the bridge, and so a barrier of bulletproof composite armour similar to that employed on Merkava tanks was constructed.[citation needed]

The road was also the site of terrorist attacks in June[citation needed] and August 2010.[2][3]


km Location Name Type Meaning Road(s) Crossed
Beersheba Municipal Boundary
Hebron Road
0 Beersheba ILramzor2beige.png ISR-HW25.png ISR-HW406.png
David Hacham Blvd.
0.3 Industrial Zone ILramzor2beige.png Nordau St., Rothschild Blvd.
0.4 Industrial Zone Fareskilt 20beige.png Dekel St.
0.4 Industrail Zone Fareskilt 20beige.png HaNagarim St.
0.7 Industrial Zone ILramzor2beige.png HaTahana St.
0.8 Industrial Zone Fareskilt 20beige.png HaNagarim St.
0.9 Industrial Zone ILramzor2beige.png Shazar Blvd.
1 Industrial Zone Fareskilt 20beige.png Pinhas HaHotzev St.
1.2 Industrial Zone Fareskilt 20beige.png Yosef HaBurska'i St.
1.5 Shopping District
Industrial Zone
ILramzor2beige.png Heil HaHandasa St.
Yitzhak Nafaha St.
2.4 Industrial Zone Fareskilt 20beige.png Saadia Malal Blvd.
2.4 Industrial Zone ILramzor2beige.png David Ben Gurion Blvd.
2.6 Machteshim Industrial Zone ILramzor2beige.png Avraham Ben Ami St.
3.5 Beersheba צומת חטיבת הנגב
(Hativat HaNegev Junction)
ILramzor2beige.png Negev Brigade Ben Tzion Carmel Blvd.
to ISR-HW40.png Route 40 south
Beersheba Municipal Boundary
4.3 Omer, Tel as-Sabi צומת תל שבע
(Tel Sheva Junction)
ILramzor2.png 'Seven' or 'Oath' Tel Sheva Rd.
to ISR-HW40.png Route 40 north
5.7 Omer ILramzor2.png Tamar St.
5.9 Omer Industrial Park ILramzor2.png Omrim St.
7.3 Omer Fareskilt 20.PNG Tapuah St.
9.9 Tarabin al-Sane'/Umra,
Umm Batin
Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
11 Abu Sabit, al-Sayyid Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
13.1 צומת שוקת
(Shoket Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Water Trough ISR-HW31.png route 31 East
13.2 צומת שוקת
(Shoket Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW31.png route 31 West
14.5 Carmit (city under construction) Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
15.7 Meitar מחלף מיתר
(Meitar interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg Cord Hebron Blvd.
16.2 Kibbitz Kramim צומת כרמים
(Kramim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Vineyards local road
17.6 צומת סנסנה
(Sansana Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG (Biblical) Palm Tree local road to
18.5 Green Line
18.5 Green Line,
Meitar Terminal[4]
Fareskilt 20.PNG entrance to
passenger terminal and
cargo transfer station
18.6 Meitar Security Checkpoint
Zeichen 267.svgNO southbound through-traffic for green (Palestinian Authority) license plates
18.7 Green Line, Meitar Terminal Zeichen 215.svg route 6002 to
Teneh Omarim, ad-Dhahiriya,
Meitar Terminal
Dhahiriya Bypass
27 Meitarim Industrial Park צומת שמעה
(Shim'a Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG named after
minor biblical figure
ISR-HW317.png route 317
27.1 Shim'a (Yonadav) Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
28 Mitzpe Eshtemoa Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
31.9 as-Simya, as-Samu' Fareskilt 20.PNG route 3178
35.4 Otniel Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
35.3 Otniel, Karma צומת עתניאל
(Otniel Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG named after
biblical judge
local road
Otniel-Hagai Road
33.9 Karma Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
37 Deir Razih Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
37.9 Tarrama Fareskilt 20.PNG route 3265
38.8 al-Hijra,
Hadab al-Fawwar, al-Fawwar
Fareskilt 20.PNG route 3266
41.2 South Hebron Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
Hebron Bypass
41.4 Beit Hagai Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
45.7 South Hebron Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
entrance to Industrial Park
47.7 Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW356.png route 356 to Zif
49.1 Bani Naim Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
50.9 Kiryat Arba Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
open during some Jewish festivals
for overflow traffic
52.2 Kiryat Arba Fareskilt 20.PNG Views of Mamre St.
55 Beit Einun Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
55.9 Hebron, Halhul צומת העוקפים
(HaOkfim Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG the bypasses ISR-HW35.png
Highway 35
Halhul bypass
59.2 Halhul, Sa'ir Fareskilt 20.PNG route 3517
62.6 Halhul Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
Halhul-Arrub Road
62.8 Karmei Tzur Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
64.9 Beit Ummar Fareskilt 20.PNG route 3527
66.8 Mu'askar al-Arrub, al-Arrub Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
Gush Road
69.5 Alon Shvut,
Beit Fajjar
צומת גוש עציון
(Gush Etzion Junction)
Zeichen 215.svg Etzion Bloc route 367
70.7 Efrat צומת אפרת דרום
South Efrat Junction
ILramzor2.png route 3157
72 Elazar Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
73.3 Neve Daniel Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
75.8 al-Khader, Efrat צומת שיירות אציון
(Shayarot Etzion Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Etzion Convoys local road
Bethlehem Bypass
78.4 al-Khader, Husan צומת אל חאדר
(al-Khader Junction)
ILramzor2.png The Green One ISR-HW375.png route 375
to Beitar Illit
79.5 Beit Jala AB-AS-blau.svg al-Amal St.
Zeichen 267.svgNO northbound through-traffic for green (Palestinian Authority) license plates
green license plates continue to Route 60 north via al-Khader or Beit Jala, local roads, routes 398, 417 and 437
79.6 Tunnels / Patriarch's Way Security checkpoint
Tunnels Road
80.6 Beit Jala מנהרת רפאים (Refaim Tunnel)
2 lanes, 900 m.
AB-Tunnel.svg Ghosts
82.2 Beit Jala, Gilo Bridge
2 lanes, 400 m.
82.6 Gilo מנהרת גילה (Gilo Tunnel)
2 lanes, 250 m.
Jerusalem Municipal Boundary
83.3 Jerusalem
צומת המנהרות
(HaMinharot Junction)
ILramzor2beige.png Tunnels HaRosmarin St
HaRosmarin St
83.5 Beit Safafa, Tantur Fareskilt 20beige.png A-Safa St., entrance to Tantur
Hebron Road
83.6 Beit Safafa, Tantur צומת טנטור
(Tantur Junction)
ILramzor2beige.png Hilltop Hebron Road
south to Bethlehem
83.7 Mar Elias Monastery ILramzor2beige.png local road
84.7 Har Homa ILramzor2beige.png ISR-HW398.png route 398
Shmuel Meir Blvd.
84.9 Givat HaMatos, Beit Safafa ILramzor2beige.png local road
84.9 Green Line
85.2 Talpiot ILramzor2beige.png Derech Beit Lehem
85.5 Talpiot ILramzor2beige.png HaUman St, Asher Wiener St.
86.2 Talpiot ILramzor2beige.png HaTnufa St.
86.4 Talpiot ILramzor2beige.png Dostrovsky St.
86.7 Talpiot כיכר יצחק לוי (Yitzhak Levi Square)
צומת הבנקים (Banks Junction)
ILramzor2beige.png Rivka St., Ein Gedi St.
87 Baka, Talpiot ILramzor2beige.png Yehuda St., Daniel Yanovsky St.
87.3 Baka ILramzor2beige.png Queen Esther St.
87.6 Baka ILramzor2beige.png Miriam HaHashmonait St.
87.7 Talpiot כיכר בולגריה (Bulgaria Square) ILramzor2beige.png Hanoch Albeck St.
87.8 Abu Tor ILramzor2beige.png Naomi St.
88 Abu Tor ILramzor2beige.png Gihon St.
88.2 Abu Tor ILramzor2beige.png Aminadav St.
88.4 Abu Tor כיכר יוסף נבון
(Yosef Navon Square)
ILramzor2beige.png David Remez St., HaMefaked St.
89 Old City ILramzor2beige.png Ma'ale HaShalom St.
Hativat Yerushalayim Street
89.4 Old City, Jaffa Gate ILramzor2beige.png Omar ibn il-Khatab St
89.5 Old City, Jaffa Gate כיכר שער יפו
(Jaffa Gate Square)
ILramzor2beige.png Yitzhak Kariv St.
89.9 Old City, New Gate מנהרת הצנחנים (HaTzanhanim Tunnel)
2 lanes, 500m.
AB-Tunnel.svg Paratroopers local road
Heil HaHandasa Street
90.6 Musrara, Mas'udiyya ILramzor2beige.png HaNevi'im St.
Antarah ibn Shaddad St.
Jerusalem Light Rail Station
90.7 Musrara, Mas'udiyya ILramzor2beige.png Naomi Kis St., Ibn al-'As St.
HaHoma HaShlishit St.
91 Beit Yisrael,
American Colony
כיכר פיקוד הצפון
(Central Command Square)
ILramzor2beige.png Shmuel HaNavi St.
Saint George St.
Jerusalem Light Rail Station
Haim Bar-Lev Street
91.3 Beit Yisrael,
American Colony
ILramzor2beige.png Moshe Zachs St.
Pierre van Paassen St.
91.6 Green Line
91.7 Arzei HaBira,
Sheikh Jarrah
ILramzor2beige.png Shimon HaTzadik St.
Jerusalem Light Rail Station
92.3 Ma'alot Dafna,
Sheikh Jarrah
ILramzor2beige.png Zalman Shragai St.
Clermont-Ganneau St.
92.6 Givat HaMivtar,
French Hill
כיכר מיינרצהאגן
(Meinertzhagen Square)
ILramzor2beige.png ISR-HW417.png route 417
Levi Eshkol Blvd.
Hebrew University Blvd.
Jerusalem Light Rail Station
93.2 Giv'at HaMivtar,
French Hill
ILramzor2beige.png Sheshet HaYamim Blvd
HaHagana Blvd.
Jerusalem Light Rail Station
Uzi Narkis Road
93.5 Shuafat,
French Hill
מחלף שער מזרח
(Sha'ar Mizrah Interchange)
AB-AS-blau.svg East Gate ISR-HW1.png
Highway 1
95.1 Shuafat,
Pisgat Zeev
AB-AS-blau.svg Yekutiel Adam Blvd.
96.1 Beit Hanina,
Pisgat Zeev
AB-AS-blau.svg Hamid Shomaan St.
Sayeret Duchifat Blvd.
to ISR-HW437.png route 437
97.4 Beit Hanina,
Neve Ya'akov
ILramzor2beige.png Beit Hanina Rd.
Neve Ya'akov Blvd.
Ramallah Road
Beit Hanina,
14 local streets
98.9 Atarot Zeichen 215.svg Bir Nabala Rd. (westbound only)
99.4 Atarot Fareskilt 20beige.png Aviation Rd.
100.4 Zeichen 215.svg to ISR-HW45.png Highway 45
Jerusalem Municipal Boundary
Zeichen 267.svgNO northbound through-traffic for yellow (Israeli) license plates
yellow license plates continue to Route 60 north via Sayeret Duchifat Blvd. and route 437
100.5 Qalandia Security checkpoint
Zeichen 267.svgNO southbound through-traffic for green (Palestinian Authority) license plates
green license plates continue to Route 60 south via routes 437, 417, 398 and local roads, Beit Jala or al-Khader
100.6 Kafr 'Aqab Zeichen 215.svg Ramallah Road
Ramallah Bypass
101.9 Ar-Ram, Jaba' Fareskilt 20.PNG Bir Nabala Rd
yellow license plates rejoin Route 60 north from Route 437
104.4 Geva Binyamin Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW437.png Highway 437,
Adam Blvd.
105.1 Sha'ar Binyamin
Industrial Park
Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
106.1 Mikhmas Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
106.2 Kokhav Ya'akov, Psagot Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
107.3 Ma'ale Mikhmas Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW457.png route 457
to ISR-HW458.png route 458
109.8 Migron
(ordered removed by Apr 2012)[5]
Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
112.4 al-Bireh, Beit El,
Giv'at Asaf, Burqa, Beitin
Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW466.png route 466
113.4 Deir Dibwan Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
118.1 Ofra Fareskilt 20.PNG HaMiyasdim St.
118.3 Ein Yabrud,
Yabrud, Silwad
Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW449.png route 449
123.1 צומת עם
'Am Junction
Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW465.png route 465
to Birzeit, Ateret
124.2 Al-Mazra'a ash-Sharqiya Fareskilt 20.PNG route 4568
127.4 Sinjil Fareskilt 20.PNG route 4665
129 Sinjil Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
129.4 Turmus Ayya Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
131.3 Shilo Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
Wadi ash-Sha'ir Road
135.1 Eli Fareskilt 20.PNG Elkana Rd.
135.3 Eli Fareskilt 20.PNG 14th of Elul St.
136.9 Ma'ale Levona Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
137.9 Al-Lubban ash-Sharqiya Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
140.3 Qabalan Fareskilt 20.PNG route 4777
140.1 As-Sawiya Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
142.7 Rechelim, Ariel Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
145.1 Kfar Tapuach צומת תפוח
(Tapuah Junction)
Zeichen 215.svg Apple ISR-HW505.png Highway 505
Huwara Road
147.8 Beita Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
147.9 Huwara Fareskilt 20.PNG local streets
148.4 Huwara Fareskilt 20.PNG route 5076, local streets
148.6 Huwara Fareskilt 20.PNG local road to Odala
local streets
149.3 Huwara Fareskilt 20.PNG local road to Nablus
local streets
Nablus Bypass
151.2 Yitzhar, Burin Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
160.9 Sarra Fareskilt 20.PNG local road to Nablus
161.1 Jit Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HWY55.svg route 55 (west)
163.9 Kedumim Local Council,
Bar-On Industrial Park
Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
167.2 Fareskilt 20.PNG ISR-HW557.png route 557 (west)
167.9 Shavei Shomron Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
Zeichen 101.svgTravel for yellow (Israeli) license plates between Shomron Junction and Dotan Junction permitted, IDF escort recommended
169.9 Deir Sharaf צומת שומרון
(Shomron Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG Samaria local road
169.8 An-Naqura Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
171 Sebastia Fareskilt 20.PNG route 5715
171.7 Sebastia Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
177.1 Burqa Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
178.4 Bazariya Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
179.1 Homesh (evacuated) Fareskilt 20.PNG Zeichen 267.svg local road
180.3 Silat ad-Dhahr Fareskilt 20.PNG local streets
182.5 Fandaqumiya Fareskilt 20.PNG local streets
183.9 Jaba Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
184 Jaba Fareskilt 20.PNG route 5725 to
Sanur, Meithalun
184.8 Sa-Nur (evacuated) Fareskilt 20.PNG Zeichen 267.svg local road
186 Ajjah Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
187.5 Anzah Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
189.6 Zawiya Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
191.5 Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
194.2 Mirka צומת דותן
(Dotan Junction)
Fareskilt 20.PNG named after
ancient city
ISR-HW585.png route 585
ISR-HW588.png route 588
Zeichen 101.svgTravel for yellow (Israeli) license plates between Dotan Junction and Shomron Junction permitted, IDF escort recommended
Zeichen 267.svgNO northbound through-traffic for yellow (Israeli) license plates
Route 588[6]
194.5 Tel Dothan Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
195.2 Bir al-Basha Fareskilt 20.PNG 6 local streets
Palestinian Authority Area A
199.7 Ash-Shuhada, Qabatiya צומת קבאטיה
(Qabatiya Junction)
Fareskilt 20tan.png local road
203.2 Jenin Fareskilt 20tan.png 22 local streets
207.2 Dahiyat Sabah al-Kheir Fareskilt 20tan.png 11 local streets
↑Palestinian Authority Area A↑
Jalamah Road[6]
209.8 Jalamah Fareskilt 20.PNG route 6010 South
to Zababdeh, Wadi ad-Dabi'
Kadim (evacuated)
Ganim (evacuated)
210.2 Jalamah Fareskilt 20.PNG 6 local streets
211.2 Green Line, Jalamah Terminal[7] Fareskilt 20.PNG entrance to
passenger terminal and
cargo transfer station
Green Line
Zeichen 267.svgNO northbound through-traffic for green (Palestinian Authority) license plates
211.4 Jalamah Security checkpoint
Zeichen 267.svgNO southbound through-traffic for yellow (Israeli) license plates
211.8 Green Line, Jalamah Terminal,
Zeichen 215.svg entrance to
passenger terminal and
cargo transfer station

local road to Muqeible
212.7 Magen Shaul Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
212.9 Sandala Fareskilt 20.PNG 2 local roads
214.3 Gan Ner Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
216 Prazon Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
217.2 Yizre'el, Avital צומת יזרעאל
(Yizre'el Junction)
God Sows ISR-HW675.png route 675
Afula Municipal Boundary
Jerusalem Boulevard
223.1 Afula צומת אפולה דרום מזרח
(Afula Drom Mizrah Junction)
Zeichen 215.svg South-East Afula Menachem Begin Blvd.
223.3 Afula Zeichen 215.svg Gilboa St.
223.6 Afula Zeichen 215.svg Yehoshua Hankin St.
223.8 Afula Fareskilt 20beige.png Ussishkin St.
223.9 Afula Zeichen 215.svg Kehilat Tzion Blvd.
Yosef Sprinzak Boulevard
224 Afula ILramzor2beige.png HaNasi Weizmann Blvd.
Afula Central Bus Station
HaNasi Weizmann Boulevard
224.1 Afula ILramzor2beige.png Jerusalem Blvd.
224.3 Afula כיכר העצמאות
(HaAtzma'ut Square)
Fareskilt 20beige.png Independence Arlozorov St.
224.5 Afula כיכר פז
(Paz Square)
Zeichen 215.svg Moshe Sharett St.
Holland St., Zalman Hod St.
Hativat Teisha' Boulevard
224.6 Afula Fareskilt 20beige.png Zalman Shazar St.
224.7 Afula Fareskilt 20beige.png Rimon St.
224.8 Afula Zeichen 215.svg Hadasim St., Einstein Blvd.
224.9 Afula Fareskilt 20beige.png Etrog St.
225 Afula Zeichen 215.svg Tzaftzefot St., HaAvoda St.
225.2 Afula צומת מכבי אש
(Mikabei Esh Junction)
ILramzor2beige.png Firefighters ISR-HW65.png route 65 East
Hadarim St., HaHistadrut Blvd.
225.4 Afula Fareskilt 20beige.png Yukler B'Emek Shopping Center
226.2 Afula ILramzor2beige.png ISR-HW65.png route 65 West
Afula Municipal Boundary
226.9 Balfouria Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
228.7 Kfar Gid'on Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
229.2 Jezreel Valley Regional Council,
Mizra, Emek Yezreel College
ILramzor2.png local road
230 Tel Adashim Fareskilt 20.PNG local road
230.2 Tel Adashim צומת עדשים
(Adashim Junction)
ILramzor2.png Lentils ISR-HW73.png route 73
Nazareth Municipal Boundary
232.2 Nazareth מחלף איכסאל
(Iksal Interchange)
Fareskilt 20beige.png Chores Marj Ibn Amer Rd.
232.6 Har HaKfitza (Mount Precipice) Eitan Bridge
4 lanes, 400m.
233 Har HaKfitza (Mount Precipice) Yitzhak Herskovitz Tunnels
4 lanes, 380m.
234.6 Nazareth Fareskilt 20beige.png Wadi el-Hadj St.
235.1 Nazareth צומת המוסכים
(HaMusachim Junction)
ILramzor2beige.png Auto Repair Shops ISR-HW75.png route 75 (road 3001)
HaZtionut Blvd.
Tawfiq Ziad St.

References & Notes

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