List of Ramsar Sites in India

List of Ramsar Sites in India

The list of Ramsar Sites in India comprises Indian wetlands deemed to be of "international importance" under the Ramsar Convention. For a full list of all Ramsar Sites worldwide, see the Ramsar list of wetlands of international importance.

According to WWF-India, wetlands are one of the most threatened of all ecosystems in India. Loss of vegetation, salinization, excessive inundation, water pollution, invasive species, excessive development and road building, have all damaged the country’s wetlands. [ [ "New Wetland Centre Inaugurated," WWF-India (January, 2006)] ]

List of Ramsar Sites

(as of February 2, 2007)


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* [ The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, "India plans 10 new Ramsar designations in WWD ceremonies" Press release (February 2, 2000)]
* [ WWF-India, "India highlights new Ramsar sites on World Wetlands Day" (2 February 2006)]

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