Coffee milk

Coffee milk
Coffee milk

Coffee milk is a drink similar to chocolate milk; however, instead of chocolate syrup, coffee syrup is used. It is the official state drink of Rhode Island in the United States of America.[1]



A bottle of Autocrat brand coffee milk syrup

Coffee milk was introduced to Rhode Island sometime in the early 1930s. It came about from creative diner and drugstore operators trying to attract new customers with creative drinks. One of these operators, the identity of whom has been lost to history, sweetened leftover coffee grounds with milk and sugar. This created a molasses-like extract that became popular. Coffee milk became a favorite among Rhode Islanders and created a demand for this coffee syrup. The demand was so great that, in 1993, it beat out Del's Lemonade as the official drink of Rhode Island.[2]


In northeastern parts of the U.S. region of New England, it can be found in the dairy case of stores right next to other flavored milks such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, and is often found on the beverage menus of diners throughout the area.

The drink is difficult to find outside of the New England region, however, and travelers requesting it are often mistakenly served coffee with milk. One well-known brand of coffee syrup is "Autocrat." Autocrat Inc., which also produces the Eclipse and CoffeeTime brands of coffee syrups, is based in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

Coffee milk is on tap in the dining halls of Brown University and the University of Rhode Island, confounding many of the students from outside the state.

Recently, the syrup became available as far south as Florida, but under different packaging. It is branded as "Coffee Time" syrup - still made by Autocrat in Rhode Island.


These are the ingredients for making coffee milk: a glass of milk, a bottle of coffee milk syrup, and a small measuring cup filled with coffee milk syrup.
  • The 1930s. Coffee milk was introduced to Rhode Island.
  • 1932. The Silmo Packing Company of New Bedford, Massachusetts, began marketing a more refined version, called "coffee syrup," under the Silmo name.
  • 1938. Eclipse of Warwick began marketing a more refined version of what was being made and called it "coffee syrup." Their slogan was, "You'll smack your lips if it's Eclipse."
  • The 1940s. Autocrat of Lincoln began making their own mixture of corn syrup and coffee extract. The slogan that Autocrat coined was, "A swallow will tell you." Both companies, Autocrat and Eclipse, would vie for the coffee syrup business for almost fifty years afterwards.
  • 1991. The rivalry between Autocrat and Eclipse ended with Autocrat buying the Eclipse brand name and secret formula. Both labels came to be produced by Autocrat and made available in stores.
  • 1993. After much political debate, the Rhode Island State Legislature proclaimed coffee milk "The Official State Drink of Rhode Island" on July 29, 1993. The Providence Journal-Bulletin newspaper covered the story.

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