CBC may refer to:
* Complete blood count, a medical test that gives information about blood cells.
* Cipher block chaining, a block cipher mode that provides confidentiality but not message integrity
* Congressional Black Caucus, an organization of African American members of the Congress of the United States
* Congressional Bike Caucus, an organization of US congressmen promoting cycling
* Cornering Brake Control, a car safety system
* Community-based conservation, ecolocal conservation that combines environmental work with local community improvement.
* Canadian-born Chinese, a person of Chinese descent born in Canada
* Chalmers Ballong Corps, a hot-air ballooning society
* Christmas Bird Count, an annual bird census
* Commonwealth Business Council, an association promoting Commonwealth trade
* Confederação Brasileira de Ciclismo, the governing body for cycling in Brazil
* Clara Barton Camp, summer camp for girls with diabetes.
* Customer Bar Code
* Cambridge Brewing Company
* Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos
* Calhoun Beach Club, a historic building in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

In media:

* Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster:* Canadian Broadcasting Centre, the broadcast headquarters and master control point for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's English-language television and radio services:* CBC News, news-gathering department for CBC radio, TV, and web:* CBC Radio, the English language radio division of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.:* CBC Records, a record label operated by the corporation:* CBC Television, an English language television network owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation:* CBC.ca, the English-language online service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
* Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation, the government-owned media corporation located in Barbados
* Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting, a radio station affiliated with Japan Radio Network and a TV station affiliated with Japan News Network and TBS Network in Nagoya, Japan
* Children's Book Council
* Capitol Broadcasting Center a radio station that operated DZME 1530 in Metro Manila.In Christianity:

* Calvary Baptist Church (Manhattan), an independent, non-affiliated church
* Christian Biblical Council, a splinter group of The Way International led by Vince Finnigan
* Community Bible Church, a bible church with several churches in the San Antonio, Texas area.

In education:

* Christian Brothers College
* Central Bible College, an Assemblies of God institution of higher learning located in Springfield, Missouri
* Coastal Bend College, a moderately-sized community college
* Columbia Basin College, a community college in Pasco, Washington
* Columbia Bible College, formerly a Christian institution of higher education located in Columbia, South Carolina, now named Columbia International University
* Covenant Bible College Canada, a closed college in the Covenant denomiation
* Comet Bay College, a high school located in Secret Harbour, Western Australia
* Carlton Bolling College a secondary school in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England
* Ciclo Básico Común (Spanish for "Common Basic Cycle"), the first university year common to all faculties of the University of Buenos Aires

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