Colonial Records

Colonial Records
Colonial Records
Founder Orville Campbell
Distributor(s) ABC Records, London Records
Genre Various
Country of origin US

Colonial Records was a record label located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The records were distributed by ABC-Paramount Records until 1959-1960 when it was distributed by London Records. The label was owned by Orville Campbell. Some of Colonial Records artist were Andy Griffith, Bill Craddock, Johnny Dee, and George Hamilton IV. One album, Crash's Greatest Hits by Bill Craddock, was released on the label in 1986. This record label is now defunct.

The label had several large hits. One of the biggest comedy records of all time, and the first release by Andy Griffith, titled "What It Was, Was Football", was first released by the label. Unfortunately, the label was too small to handle the success of the record and the masters were sold to Capitol.

Another hit that the label had major success with was "A Rose and a Baby Ruth", by George Hamilton IV. The label sold about 50,000 copies of the record, and then sold the rights to ABC-Paramount. ABC Paramount then sold nearly one million copies of the record.[1]



Allan and the Flames

  • Till The End of Time/Winter Wonderland (1960)

Cecelia Batten

  • My Big Brothers Friend/Before (1957)
  • Knock On The Pipes/Lonesome Train (1957)

E.C. Beatty

  • I'm A Lucky Man/Ski King (1959)
  • Let Her Go Daddy-o/Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! (1960)
  • Little Blue Eyes/Tarzan (1960)

The Bluenotes

  • Mighty Low/Page One (1957)
  • You're A Tiger/Let Her Know (1958)
  • Never Never Land/I Waited (1958)

Bill Craddock

  • Birddoggin'/Millionaire (1957)

Johnny Dee

  • Sittin' In The Balcony/A-Plus In Love (1957)
  • It's Gotta Be You/Teenage Queen (1957)
  • In My Simple Way/1000 Concrete Blocks (1957)
  • They Were Right/Somebody Sweet (1957)

Dizzy Dean

  • Wabash Cannon Ball/You Don’t Have to Be From the Country (1950's)

Jess Duboy

  • Puppy Love/Echos (1959)

Johnny Ford

Four Sounds and A Fury

Virginia Beach Reel/Myrtle Beach Boogie (1956?)

Doug Franklin

  • My Lucky Love/Drizzlin' Rain (1958)
  • I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/I Used To Wonder (1958)
  • The New Midnight Special/My Love For You (1958)

Franklin Brothers

  • So Real/My Little Girl (1959)

The Goldtones

  • High Dive Into Love/The Oriental Shake (1965)

Deacon Andy Griffith

  • Romeo And Juliet/What It Was, Was Football (1953)

George Hamilton IV

Hank Hardy

  • My Lucky Love/1000 Concrete Blocks (1961)

Doug Harrell

  • Hospitality Blues/Exsanguination Blues (1956)

Grady Lewis

  • Runaway Lover/Sad Story (1960)

Melody Masters Quartet

  • It's Gotta Be All/Singing On The Mountain (1957)

Tom O'Neil

  • Georgia On My Mind/Who's Sorry Now (?)

Johnny Randal

  • Do Right/You're Gone But Still In My Heart (1964)
  • How About That/This Is The End (?)

This record was recorded as Johnny Randall

Hoke Simpson

Ebe Sneezer and His Epidemics

  • That's All I've Got (To Remember You By) /Asiatic Flu (1957)

Cile Turner

  • Drizzlin' Rain/Full Of The Moon (CR 731 - with picture sleeve) (1957)
  • Crap Shootin' Sinner/The Golden Rule (1959)
  • The Happy Song/The Winds Call It Home (?)

Henry Wilson

  • Are You Ready/It's Really Love (1958)


Billy "Crash" Craddock (Bill Craddock)

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