Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts

Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts

The Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts (Montenegrin: Dukljanska akademija nauka i umjetnost, DANU; Latin Academia Dioclitiana Scientiarum et Artium) is a scholar's academy in Montenegro. It is named after the historic ancient Slavic realm of Duklja on the territory of present-day Montenegro and Albania. The academy is not the only one in the country, the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts is the country's national academy. The two organizations have been working together to develop a Montenegrin encyclopedia.

The academy was created in 1998 by scholars supporting an alternate view of history, that of some waylines of Croatian historiography, considering the national Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts too pro-Serbian and an element of Serbianization of Montenegro, similar to establishment of a Montenegrin Orthodox Church next to the Serbian Orthodox Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral or other sovereignist movements. Its research is on the greater scale considered controversial.

The academy grants the following awards:

  • Saint Vladimir of Duklja Award - awarded biennially for lifetime achievement
  • Sclavorum Regnum Award - awarded for achievement in the sciences
  • Lesendro Award - awarded for achievement in Montenegrin literature
  • Njegoš Award - awarded for achievement within the Academy and in the promotion of Montengrin sciences and arts


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