Reptiles of Lebanon

Reptiles of Lebanon

This is a list of reptiles found in Lebanon.

Emydid Turtles
*Caspian Terrapin "Mauremys caspica"

Land Tortoises
*Antakyan Tortoise "Testudo antakyensis"
*Flower's Tortoise "Testudo floweri"
*Greek Tortoise "Testudo graeca"

Marine Turtles
*Loggerhead Turtle "Caretta caretta"
*Green Turtle "Chelonia mydas"

Softshell Turtles
*Nile Softshell Turtle "Trionyx triunguis"

Agamid Lizards
*Rough-tailed Rock Agama "Laudakia stellio"
*"Trapelus lessonae"

*Mediterranean Chameleon "Chamaeleo chamaeleon"

*Levant Fan-fingered Gecko "Ptyodactylus puiseuxi"
*Kotschy’s Gecko "Cyrtopodion kotschyi"
*Turkish Gecko "Hemidactylus turcicus"

Lacertid Lizards
*Giant Fringe-fingered Lizard "Acanthodactylus grandis"
*Schreiber's Fringe-fingered Lizard "Acanthodactylus schreiberi"
*Lebanon Fringe-fingered Lizard "Acanthodactylus tristrami"
*Wall Lizard "Podarcis sp"
*Fraas's Lizard "Lacerta fraasii"
*"Lacerta kulzeri"
*Lebanon Lizard "Lacerta laevis"
*Levant Green Lizard "Lacerta media"
*"Mesalina brevirostris"
*European Snake-eyed Lizard "Ophisops elegans"

*European copper skink "Ablepharus kitaibelii"
*Ocellated Skink "Chalcides ocellatus"
*Bridled Skink "Mabuya vittata"
*Schneider's Skink "Novoeumeces schneideri"
*Lataste's Snake Skink "Ophiomorus latastii"
*Golden Grass Mabuya "Trachylepis aurata"
*Bridled Mabuya "Trachylepis vittata"

Legless Lizards
*European Glass Lizard "Ophisaurus apodus"

Monitor Lizards
*Desert Monitor "Varanus griseus"

*Turkish Worm Lizard "Blanus strauchi"

Blind Snakes
*European Blind Snake "Typhlops vermicularis"

Pythons and Boas
*Caucasian Sand Boa "Eryx jaculus"

Colubrid Snakes
*Green Whip Snake "Coluber jugularis"
*Asian Racer "Hemorrhois nummifer"
*Rogers's Racer "Coluber rogersi"
*Red-headed Whip Snake "Coluber rubriceps"
*"Eirenis decemlineata"
*"Eirenis levantinus"
*Asia Minor Dwarf Racer "Eirenis modestus"
*Transcaucasian Rat Snake "Elaphe hohenackeri"
*Montpellier Snake "Malpolon monspesslanus"
*Dice Snake "Natrix tessellata"
*European Tiger Snake "Telescopus fallax"

*Black Desert Cobra "Walterinnesia aegyptia"

Burrowing Asps
*"Atractaspis engaddensis"
*Müller's Two-headed Snake "Micrelaps muelleri"

Vipers and Pit Vipers
*Lebanon Viper "Macrovipera bornmuelleri"
*Levant Viper "Macrovipera lebetina"
*Sand Viper "Vipera ammodytes"
*Palestine Viper "Vipera palaestinae"



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