Power Station (Taiwanese band)

Power Station (Taiwanese band)

Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor
name = Power Station

caption =
tradchinesename = 動力火車
simpchinesename = 动力火车
pinyinchinesename = Dònglì Huǒchē
origin = Republic of China (Taiwan)
othername =
occupation =
genre = Mandarin pop, rock
instrument =
voicetype =
label = HIM International Music
yearsactive = 1997–present
currentmembers = Yu Chiu-hsin Yen Chih-lin
pastmembers =
influences =
influenced =
website = [http://www.him.com.tw/artist/artist-mini-powerstation.php www.him.com.tw]
hongkongfilmwards =
goldenbauhiniaawards =
hkfcsawards =
goldenhorseawards =
goldenroosterawards =
mtvasiaawards =
goldenmelodyawards =
ntsawards =
awards =

Power Station (zh-tsp|t=動力火車|s=动力火车|p=Dònglì Huǒchē) is a Taiwanese rock band, formed by two brothers. Their music is characterized by their fast-paced rock ballads, as well as their electrifying rock anthems. Their looks and long hair stand out from the mainstream Chinese pop scene because of their resemblance to typical western Heavy Metal musicians. In 2001, Power Station released their only album on the Grand Music label (later known as HIM International Music), "Walking along Jhonghsiao East Street Nine Times". The title track of that album (Chinese version of song from 1997 "Takie tango" by Budka Suflera) won the Silver Award for Best Mandarin Song at the 24th RTHK Top Ten Golden Song Awards. [zh icon [http://ent.sina.com.cn/p/i/2002-01-18/70416.html 十大中文金曲揭晓 刘德华陈奕迅成大赢家(附名单)] . January 18, 2002. Retrieved May 3, 2008.]


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