Rectovesical excavation

Rectovesical excavation

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Latin = excavatio rectovesicalis
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Caption = Median sagittal section of male pelvis. (Rectovesical excavation labeled at center right.)

Caption2 = Male pelvic organs seen from right side. Bladder and rectum distended; relations of peritoneum to the bladder and rectum shown in blue. The arrow points to the rectovesical pouch.
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Between the rectum and the bladder the peritoneal cavity forms, in the male, a pouch, the rectovesical excavation (or rectovesical pouch), the bottom of which is slightly below the level of the upper ends of the vesiculae seminales—i. e., about 7.5 cm. from the orifice of the anus.

The corresponding structure in women is the rectouterine pouch.


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