Department H

Department H
Department H
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
In-story information
Type of organization Sub-Department of Canadian Department of National Defence
Agent(s) Alpha Flight

Department H is a fictional organization in the Marvel Universe.



It is a branch of the Canadian Department of National Defence and is also responsible for the recruitment, provisioning, administration and deployment of Alpha Flight.

It employed many mutants and other superhumans to fight for Canada by joining their three "Flight" programs. The first tier was a training team called Gamma Flight, where members would move into a transition team known as Beta Flight where they received advanced training before joining the premier team of Alpha Flight.

The Department is also known to have connections to an orphanage in Orloo, Ontario called Hull House, from which it has recruited superhuman agents in the past.

Beyond its superhuman resources, Department H also makes use of soldiers outfitted with hi-tech arms and armor called Epsilons.

Staff and employees

  • Beta Flight[1]
  • General Jeremy Beau Clarke (Head of Development and Deployment)[2] - Apparently killed attempting to deactivate Department H’s radioactive core.[3]
  • Director X[4] - resided on the 66th floor of the Department H complex
  • Holland Gentry (Head of Development and Deployment/Head of Operations)[5] - Brother-in-law of the Canadian Prime Minister. He succeeded General Clarke,
  • Dr. Myra Haddock (Director of Prometheus Project)[6] - recreated Prometheus Pit
  • Cory Hames (Personal Assistant to Mr Gentry)[5]
  • Hull House[7] - facility for immature metahumans, based in Orloo, Ontario.
    • Celine De La Salle (Headmistress)
    • Richard Proctor (Coordinator)
    • Puck (Eugene Judd)
    • Flex (Adrian Corbo)
    • Ghost Girl (Lilli Stephens)
    • Radius (Jared Corbo)
  • Dr. Horatio Huxley (former head of Helios Project)[6] - later would work for S.H.I.E.L.D.; he was fired by Gentry
  • Dr. Kelsey Mobius[volume & issue needed]
  • Lt. Linderman Oculus (Monitor Division Director)[6] - Observed Alpha Flight for signs of regression from brainwashing. He created the false video indicating Wolverine had killed Madison Jeffries.
  • Richard Proctor (Coordinator of Hull House)[6]
  • Ko Bin Su (Chief Engineer)[6]
  • Warwick Jamieson[8]

Other versions

Millennial Visions

In an alternate future, Department H appears, still as a Government agency who is attempting to destroy Alpha Flight. This earth is designated Earth-1041[9]

Other intelligence agencies

Other media


  • Department H appears in the X-Men episode "Repo Man". A flashback showed General Chasen (the head of Department H), Vindicator, and Heather Hudson recruiting Wolverine as a member of its Alpha Flight. Wolverine said that he would join them in exchange that they find the ones responsible for the adamantium-bonding experiment done to him. In the present, Department H has Alpha Flight lure Wolverine back to Canada in hopes for him to rejoin Alpha Flight and learn how he managed to survive the adamantium-bonding experiment in order to successfully duplicate it. Puck and Snowbird spied on them and informed the other Alpha Flight members. Alpha Flight ended up fighting Department H's security droids.


  • Department H was featured in the Wolverine portion of Hulk Vs. They send Wolverine to hunt down the Hulk.


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