Arab Banks

Arab Banks

The modern system of Arab banks was created in Egypt in the late 19th century, with the campaign of modernizing the country. Today Arab banks are among the most pioneering in Developing Countries, and some are competitors to major international banks.A new system of banking has also been introduced by the Arab World, to suit its Islamic laws regarding the creation of wealth, thus Islamic Banks were created.


*Ahli United Bank
*Arab Banking Corporation
*Bahrain International Bank
*Bank AL Habib
*Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait
*Gulf International Bank
*HSBC Bank Middle East
*National Bank Of Bahrain
*Shamil Bank of Bahrain


*Banque Indosuez Mer Rouge
*Banque pour le Commerce et l'Industrie - Mer Rouge


* Alexandria Commercial & Maritime Bank
* Alexandria Kuwait International Bank
* Arab African International Bank
* Arab Bank Plc
* Arab International Bank
* Arab Investment Bank
* Bank Of Alexandria
* Banque Du Caire
* Banque Du Caire Barclays Int'l
* Banque Du Caire Et De Paris
* Banque Misr 9, Talaat Harb St.
* Commercial International Bank
* Crédit Agricole Egypte
* Delta International Bank
* Egyptian Gulf Bank [ Link]
* Export Development Bank of Egypt [ Link]
* Faisal Islamic Bank
* Industrial Development Bank
* HSBC Bank Egypt
* Misr American International Bank
* BLOM Bank Egypt [ Link]
* Mi Bank
* Alexandria Bank
* Arab Land Bank
* Banks' Association Of Egypt
* Banque Misr
* Cairo Far East Bank
* Delta International Bank
* Credit Agricole Egypt [ Link] "(ex. Egyptian American Bank)"
* Egypt Arab African Bank
* Egyptian Workers' Bank
* Jammal Trust Bank
* Misr Exterior Bank
* Misr Iran Development Bank
* Mohandes Bank
* Nasser Social Bank "18 Gwad Hosni St."
* National Bank Of Egypt
* National Investment Bank
* Nile Bank
* Rafedein Bank
* Societe Arab Int. De Banque
* Suez Canal Bank
* Middle East Bank
* National Bank Of Development
* Traders' Bank


Central Bank

*Central Bank of Iraq

tate owned banks

*Rafidain Bank
*Rasheed Bank

Private Banks

*Al Baraka for Investment & Financing Bank
*Al-Warka Investment Bank
*Babylon Bank
*Bank of Baghdad
*Basrah Private Bank for Investment
*Commercial Bank of Iraq
*Credit Bank of Iraq
*Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank
*Economic Bank
*Gulf Commercial Bank
*Industrial Union Investment Bank
*Investment Bank of Iraq
*Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank
*Islamic Bank
*Mosul Bank
*National Bank of Iraq
*North Bank
*Sumer Bank
*United Investment Bank


*Housing Bank For Trade And Finance
*Cairo Amman Bank
*Jordan Kuwait Bank
*Arab Bank


* Central Bank of Kuwait

* National Bank of Kuwait
* Gulf Bank of Kuwait
* Commercial Bank of Kuwait
* Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait
* The Bank of Kuwait and The Middle East
* Kuwait Real Estate Bank
* Burgan Bank
* Kuwait Finance House
* Boubyan Bank
* Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait
* Industrial Bank of Kuwait
* Credit & Saving Bank
* HSBC Bank Middle East
* BNP Paribas
* Citibank
* National Abu Dhabi Bank
* Qatar National Bank


* Banque du Liban (Lebanese Central Bank)

* Al Baraka Bank Lebanon S.A.L.
* Al-Ahli International Bank S.A.L.
* Al-Mawarid Bank S.A.L.
* Arab African International Bank
* Arab Bank Plc
* Arab Finance House S.A.L.
* Arab Finance Investment House S.A.L.
* Arab Investment Bank S.A.L.
* Audi Saradar Investment Bank S.A.L
* Audi Saradar Private Bank S.A.L.
* B.L.C. Bank S.A.L.
* Banca Di Roma S.P.A
* Bank Al Madina S.A.L.
* Bank Audi S.A.L. - Audi Saradar Group
* Bank of Beirut S.A.L.
* Bank of Kuwait And The Arab World S.A.L.
* Bank Saderat Iran
* Banque BEMO S.A.L.
* Banque de Crédit National S.A.L.
* Banque de la Bekaa S.A.L.
* Banque de l’Habitat S.A.L.
* Banque de l’Industrie Et Du Travail S.A.L.
* Banque Lati S.A.L.
* Banque Libano-Francaise S.A.L.
* Banque Misr Liban S.A.L.
* Banque Nationale de Paris “Intercontinentale”
* Banque Pharaon & Chiha S.A.L.
* BLOM Bank S.A.L.
* BLOM Development Bank S.A.L
* Byblos Bank S.A.L.
* Byblos Invest Bank S.A.L.
* Citibank, N.A.
* Crédit Libanais Investment Bank S.A.L.
* Crédit Libanais S.A.L.
* Creditbank S.A.L.
* Federal Bank of Lebanon S.A.L.
* Finance Bank S.A.L.
* [ First National Bank S.A.L.]
* Fransa Invest Bank S.A.L.
* Fransabank S.A.L.
* Habib Bank Limited
* HSBC Bank Middle East Limited
* Intercontinental Bank of Lebanon S.A.L.* []
* Jammal Trust Bank S.A.L.
* Lebanese Canadian Bank S.A.L.
* Lebanese Islamic Bank S.A.L.
* Lebanese Swiss Bank S.A.L.
* Lebanon & Gulf Bank S.A.L.
* Méditerranée Investment Bank S.A.L.
* National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon) S.A.L.
* Near East Commercial Bank S.A.L.
* North Africa Commercial Bank S.A.L.
* Rafidain Bank
* Saudi Lebanese Bank S.A.L.
* Saudi National Commercial Bank
* Société Générale de Banque au Liban S.A.L.
* Société Nouvelle de la BANQUE de SYRIE et du LIBAN S.A.L.
* Standard Chartered Bank S.A.L.
* Syrian Lebanese Commercial Bank S.A.L.
* United Credit Bank S.A.L.


Central Bank

*Bank Al-Maghrib

Major banks

* Attijariwafa Bank
* BMCE Bank
* Crédit Agricole du Maroc
* Groupe Banque Populaire

Foreign-owned banks

* Arab Bank Maroc (Arab Bank)
* Crédit du Maroc (LCL)
* BMCI (BNP Paribas)
* SGMB (Société Générale)

Defunct banks

* Banque Commerciale du Maroc
* Wafa Bank


*Qatar Central Bank
*Commercial Bank of Qatar
*Arab Bank Qatar
*Qatar National Bank
*Standard Chartered
*International Bank of Qatar
*Qatar Industrial Development Bank

Saudi Arabia

*Al Bilad Bank
*Al Rajhi Bank Malaysia
*Al-Rajhi Bank
*National Commercial Bank
*Banque Saudi Fransi
*Samba Financial Group
*Saudi Hollandi Bank


*Bank of Somaliland

Defunct banks

*Commercial and Savings Bank of Somalia
*Central Bank of Somalia


Central Bank

*Central Bank of Syria

Public Banks

*Commercial Bank of Syria
*Industrial Bank
*Agricultural Cooprative Bank
*Popular Credit Bank
*Real-Estate Bank
*Saving Bank

Private Banks

*BEMO Saudi Fransi
*Bank of Syria and Overseas
*The International Bank for Trade & Finance
*Audi Bank
*Arab Bank
*Byblos Bank
*Syria Gulf Bank

Islamic Banks

*Syria International Islamic Bank
*Cham Bank

United Arab Emirates

Major Commercial banks

*Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
*National Bank of Abu Dhabi
*National Bank of Dubai
*Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
*Emirates Bank International
*First Gulf Bank
*Habib Bank
*United Bank
*Commercial Bank of Dubai

Islamic Banks

*Dubai Islamic Bank
*Emirates Islamic Bank
*Sharjah Islamic Bank
*Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
*Islamic Commercial Bank

Defunct or merged banks

*Bank of Credit and Commerce International

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