Beta Sigma Phi

Beta Sigma Phi

Infobox Fraternity
letters= ΒΣΦ
name= Beta Sigma Phi
colors= Black and
flower= Yellow Rose
symbol= the Torch
motto= "Life, Learning and Friendship"
founded= Birth date and age|1931|04|30
birthplace= Abilene, Kansas
type= Social
scope= International

address= 1800 W. 91st Place
city= Kansas City
state= Missouri 64114
chapters= 12,500+
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Beta Sigma Phi International (ΒΣΦ)is a non-academic sorority with 200,000 members in chapters around the world. Founded in Abilene, Kansas in 1931 by Walter W. Ross, the organization has spread to every state of the United States, to every Canadian province, and to 30 other countries. The sorority was founded for the social, cultural, and civic enrichment of its members. Members have donated approximately $1 million to medical research and treatment through The Endowment Fund. []


Beta Sigma Phi is primarily a social and cultural organization that incorporates service as part of its activities. The motto for Beta Sigma Phi is Life, Learning and Friendship. Service is done locally and internationally and is a tribute to the character of the members. The cultural programs are important in Beta Sigma Phi. They are the basic element of the organization. Through these programs each member is encouraged to grow personally, while at the same time participating in the growth of her sisters. They are designed to broaden personal knowledge and understanding of self, friends, and the world. As a member of Beta Sigma Phi it is in our nature not only to give the best that is in us to ourselves and our sorority, but to give the best that is in us to our world.

In April of 1932 Beta Sigma Phi was incorporated under a charter granted by the state of Missouri. Today, Beta Sigma Phi is a nonprofit corporation which maintains a contract with Walter W. Ross & Company for complete business management of all its affairs. In addition to the International Constitution each chapter composes its own set of bylaws. "The Torch" is the official magazine of Beta Sigma Phi and has grown from a four-page bulletin to a magazine of thirty-two pages which publishes stories and poems by members, personality sketches of its International Honorary Members and others, runs contests for short stories, and poetry. The Torch continues to provide a connecting link between active members, all of whom receive it as a part of their membership. It is an important source of information about the organization.

The organization had started out with the unlikely name, "The National ‘What to Read’ Club." But when Walter Ross, the founder of Beta Sigma Phi, took his dream to Vinita, Oklahoma, the first of many encounters took place. Mrs. Leona Schroers was the librarian in Vinita and she agreed to help with the establishment of a chapter in her town. She also gave Mr. Ross an introduction to Mrs. Sally Rogers McSpadden whoa leader in women's organizations of the day. Mrs. McSpadden soon convinced Walter Ross that the organization should be changed from an association to its present form and that the name must really be changed. With her suggestions and Mrs. Schroers’ assistance, a new framework for the organization was developed and the Greek letter name grew out of the motto chosen for the sorority. The letters, "Beta," "Sigma," and "Phi" were the first letters of the Greek words for life, learning, and friendship.

Facts about Beta Sigma Phi

* Beta Sigma Phi initiated its 1,000,000 member in 1995
* Beta Sigma Phi is primarily social. While many chapters may indeed do community service work, there is no requirement to do so.
* Beta Sigma Phi has yearly state conventions.
* Each year, the sorority has a new theme. For their 75th anniversary in 2007, the theme is "75 Years Young".
* Beta Sigma Phi's earn progressive degrees of membership. There is the Nu Phi Mu, Ritual of Jewels, Exemplar, Preceptor, Laureate and Master Degrees.
* The Beta Sigma Phi Badge is usually a large enamel Phi with the Greek letters Beta and Sigma engraved on the left and right respectively. The top of the Phi may resemble a torch.
* Most chapters are community based, but Beta Sigma Phi has chapters on college campuses, although college is not a requirement to join.
* The official magazine is called "The Torch of Beta Sigma Phi"

Famous & Honorary members

* Sarah Ophelia Cannon aka Minnie Pearl
* Eleanor Roosevelt
* Pat Nixon
* Nancy Reagan
* Barbara Bush
* Hillary Rodham Clinton
* Anne Fisher
* Rosalynn Carter
* Louise Faulkner
* Joan Fontaine
* Debbie Reynolds
* Olympia Snowe
* Senator Muriel Humphrey
* Eunice Kennedy Shriver
* Ruth Warrick
* Mrs. Lillian Carter
* Mrs. Barry Goldwater
* Agnes Moorehead
* Grandma Moses
* Ginger Rogers
* Rosalind Russell
* Margaret Chase Smith
* Mrs. Spencer Tracy
* Elizabeth Dole
* Earlene Fowler


*International Endowment Fund - (health research groups & charities.)
*Disaster Relief Fund - (aids members who are victims of natural disasters.)
*Breast Cancer Research Fund - (supports research organizations.)
*Scholarship Fund - (awards scholarships to members, their children and grandchildren.)


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* [ Official site]
* [ Beta Sigma Phi International Sorority 75th Anniversary]

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