Front mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout

Front mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout

In automotive design, a FMR, or Front Mid-engine, Rear-wheel drive layout is one that places the engine in the front, as in the FR layout, but pushed back enough that the engine's center of mass is to the rear of the front axle. This aids in weight distribution and reduces the moment of inertia, improving handling. FMR is a subcategory of FR, because the engine is still in the front of the car and FMR cars still have rear wheel drivetrains. They mechanical layout of a FMR is substantially the same as a FR car. Some vehicles can be classified as either FR or FMR depending on the length of the installed engine (I6 vs I4).

FMR cars are often recognizable by a long hood and front wheels unusually close to the front bumper of the car. Grand tourers often have FMR layouts, as a rear engine would not leave much space for the rear seats.

Typical cars with FMR layouts include the following:

* Aston Martin Vanquish
* Aston Martin V8 Vantage (2005)
* Bill Thomas Cheetah early-1960s Chevrolet-based GT-prototype race car
* Chevrolet Corvette (4th through 6th Generation)
* Chevrolet Camaro
* Pontiac Firebird
* Dodge Viper
* Honda S2000
* Infiniti G35 and G37
* Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
* Maserati Quattroporte
* Mazda MX-5 (third generation)
* Mazda RX-7
* Mazda RX-8
* Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren
* BMW Z4
* Nissan GT-R
* Nissan FM platform vehicles (eg 350Z, Skyline)
* Porsche 924
* Porsche 928
* Porsche 944
* Porsche 968
* Reliant 3 wheelers Fact|date=April 2008
* Suzuki Cappuccino

The Toyota Van can also be considered FMR, though it shares more design features with cab over engine trucks.

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