List of second-level administrative divisions of North Korea

List of second-level administrative divisions of North Korea

This is a list of all second-level administrative divisions of North Korea, including cities, counties, workers' districts, districts, and wards, organized by province or directly governed city.

The second-level divisions of North Korea as of 2011


P'yŏngyang Directly Governed City

  • 19 wards (guyŏk)
  • 1 counties (kun): Kangdong

Rasŏn Directly Governed City

  • 1 ward (guyŏk): Rajin
  • 1 county (kun): Sŏnbong

Chagang Province

North Hamgyŏng Province

South Hamgyŏng Province

North Hwanghae Province

South Hwanghae Province

Kangwŏn Province

North P'yŏngan

South P'yŏngan

Ryanggang Province

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