Messianic Movement

Messianic Movement

The Messianic Movement is a grassroots association of independent Messianic Christian congregations, organizations, and leaders seeking to express in full a shared faith in Jesus/Yeshua as the Messiah in the context of the Judaism they believe Jesus and his disciples expressed. The Messianic Christian Movement seeks to become a reform movement within Judaism itself to prove Jesus as the Messiah, and a restoration movement to bring Christianity back to a place of modified Torah observance (see also Christian Torah-submission).


The modern movement had its earliest beginnings in the 1880s. Baptists in the UK wanted to reach out to Jews in their area, so they came together to invite Jews to meetings where the Jewishness of Jesus was discussed, and his Messianic claim debated from a Jewish contextDubious|date=March 2008. As the context of the Jewishness of Jesus was rediscovered, the original plan to witness to the Jews backfired into a reformation movement wherein Christians began pushing for an exploration of the Hebrew roots of their faithDubious|date=March 2008. The modern Hebrew Roots movement exploded onto the scene, and by 1967, some of the first "Hebraic" congregations sprung up from the many bible studies of the Hebrew Roots movement.

The new "Messianic" congregations wanted to express their Christian faith in a greater and greater Jewish expression, based on the belief that Jesus and his disciples were Torah observant, meaning they supported and lived out the Torah (known to Christians as the Mosaic Law) as the true expression of their faith in God. The birth of many congregations throughout the world as a result of individual bible studies in the Hebrew roots of Christianity, has birthed a general movement which was later written about in 1988 by David H. Stern in the book "Messianic Jewish Manifesto" which set the groundwork for the modern movement and the various Messianic Jewish organizations that exist today.

Issues within the Movement

The following are a list of issues currently debated within the modern Messianic Movement today.
*Unitarianism versus Trinitarianism
*Gentile inclusion
*Torah observance
*Orthodox traditions
*Submitting to the Sanhedrin
*Roles of men and women
*Role of the Ruach HaKodesh
*Christian versus Jewish issues
*Isarlaism and proponents of "Biblical" rather than "Jewish" culture

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