Vivian Alamain

Vivian Alamain

Infobox soap character
name = Vivian Alamain
series = Days of our Lives
portrayer = Louise Sorel
first = March 2, 1992
last = 2000
cause = Left town
creator = Richard J. Allen & Beth Milstein

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siblings = Leopold Alamain (brother; deceased)
spouse = Victor Kiriakis (annulled)
Steven Jones (widowed)
Stefano DiMera (divorced)
romances = Victor Kiriakis (lovers)
Steven Jones(lovers)
Stefano DiMera (lovers)
Ivan Marais
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relatives = Lawrence Alamain (nephew)
Nicholas Alamain (grand-nephew)

Vivian Alamain is a fictional villainess on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives" played by actress Louise Sorel from 1992 until 2000. Vivian's name was mentioned in 2007 at John Black's funeral, where family and friends learned that Vivian paid all the expenses for John's funeral.

Vivian Alamain is the sister of Leopold Alamain. She is the aunt of Lawrence Alamain. In addition, she is the great-aunt of Nicholas Alamain. She is the ex-wife of Victor Kiriakis, Steven Jones, and Stefano DiMera.

Character history

Vivian first appeared in Salem in March 1992 when she arrived at the Alamain Mansion to find Alphonse LeBeque about to shoot her nephew Lawrence Alamain. Vivian pulled out her gun and shot him, stepped over the body in a terribly calm manner, and greeted her nephew.

Vivian had come to Salem at Lawrence's suggestion, believing that John Black was a man named Romulus, an international thief who had pulled off a grand jewel heist at one of the Alamain's parties in 1984. A particular piece that was stolen was an Alamain heirloom, a locket, that they wanted back. Vivian threw a masquerade ball at Wings, making it look just like the one eight years ago to jog John's memory and to prove he was Romulus. However, the party didn't uncover anything that they did not already know.

Soon after, John began to get close to Danielle Stevens. Vivian closely followed John's tracks. After John went to Lugano with Danielle, she followed and discovered that Danielle was in fact Romulus, Vivian confronted Danielle and demanded the locket back. Danielle told told her that John had the locket; he'd always had the locket in a safety deposit box. John had told her years ago that the locket revealed his true identity. Vivian was absolutely livid after Danielle told her this.

When she returned to Salem, Vivian told Lawrence what she'd found out. The fact that the locket revealed John's identity could only mean one thing: he was Lawrence's brother, Forrest Alamain. Lawrence refused to believe that John was his brother. To figure this out, Vivian had Forrest's coffin disinterred and shipped to Salem. When she and Lawrence opened the coffin, they found nothing but a pile of sand -- Forrest had not died as they all thought. To determine whether or not John was Forrest, Vivian stole some samples of John's hair and sent them to a lab to run DNA tests. At the same time, Lawrence told John that they were brothers. Some time later, the DNA test results came back and conclusively stated that John and Lawrence were siblings. Soon after this came out, John decided to go after his rightful inheritance. Leopold, Lawrence and Forrest's father, had left Forrest an enormous sum of money. But since Forrest had apparently died, Vivian had taken the money for herself. John fought for his inheritance with Victor Kiriakis' help and won. In the process he also became the C.E.O. of Alamain Industries, and several other Alamain corporations such as EcoSystems. Vivian was furious and broke. While she had planned to exact revenge on Victor Kiriakis for helping John win his inheritance, Vivian decided to pursue a relationship. She hoped that Victor would marry her, thus making her wealthy again.

Meanwhile, Vivian also took care of her friend, Carly Manning. Carly and Vivian kept discussing a certain secret they had between each other. Eventually, it was revealed that Carly had given birth to Lawrence's son some nine years before, without Lawrence's knowledge, under Vivian's care at her villa in Paris. Unfortunately, the child had been born prematurely, with water in the brain, and had died less than an hour after birth. During this time, Carly was made aware by a doctor in Paris that the baby had not died. She and Bo Brady began questioning Vivian, but Vivian maintained that the baby had died.

At this time, Nicky (Nicholas) Alamain, a nine year-old boy, flew into town, much to Vivian's chagrin. At first, she tried to hide him from everyone. But he was pure trouble, and Victor finally discovered him on his yacht. When asked who he was, Vivian claimed that she had adopted Nicky, the son of one of her Paris servants. Meanwhile, Victor began to get quite romantic with Vivian. Although he realized what her plans were, he offered her money to get by with. Eventually, the two admitted their feelings for each other and kissed. While Vivian was seeing Victor, Lawrence asked her to become an executive at Alamain, but only if she stopped seeing Victor. (Lawrence and Victor were business rivals). Vivian agreed, but continued to see Victor anyway. After some time, she was pretty much in love with him, and he with her. So much so that he was tired of hiding their relationship and asked Vivian to go public with it. Vivian told him her dilemma, but he assured her he'd always provide for her and Nicky. She initially went along with his wishes, but soon Victor changed his mind about the relationship, offering more of a business alliance. During this time, Victor proposed marriage but made it clear that love wasn't the reason. Wanting something more than just money, Vivian reluctantly accepted.

At this time, Lawrence's occasional fling, Lisanne Gardner, began to suspect that there was something funny about Nicky. She finally discovered that he was Carly and Lawrence's child. Lisanne tried to blackmail Vivian. But while Lisanne was arguing with Vivian, Nicky came to Vivian's protection and pushed Lisanne away. Lisanne tripped, fell, and fatally hit her head on a statue of a cat. Vivian told Nicky that Lisanne was just unconscious, but she knew otherwise. Vivian and Lawrence's servant, Ivan Marais, dragged Lisanne's body to the basement. Eventually, Ivan made it look like Lisanne was killed in a car crash. Meanwhile, Lisanne's death led Lawrence to realize that Nicky was his son. As soon as Vivian realized that her secret was about to be exposed, she suffered a heart attack. However, this didn't keep Lawrence at bay. While recovering from her coronary, Vivian admitted to Lawrence the truth. She had told Carly the child had died, and raised it as her own, and bought her servant's son's birth certificate to cover up the entire matter. It wasn't long before Lawrence told Carly, despite Vivian's pleas to the contrary. When Carly finally confronted Vivian, she threatened to take Nicky away from her. Desperate to hang on to Nicky, Vivian took Nicky away during Carly's wedding to Bo Brady. She had planned to leave Salem with him, but was stopped just in time.

Kidnapping charges were dropped again Vivian. But she worried about more important matters...Like keeping the truth of Nicky's mother from him. Everyone pretty much knew that Nicky was Carly's son, except for Nicky. No one wanted to tell the child because of the emotional strain it would take on him. Vivian didn't want him to know because she was afraid of losing Nicky, the only person she truly loved. And by now, Vivian had pretty much dropped her friendly act with Carly. She had always despised the woman, and the masks were off.

More trouble came along as Bo investigated Lisanne's death. He suspected foul play and began investigating the Alamains. Vivian told Lawrence to get rid of the stone cat and the rug because they had traces of Lisanne's blood. Lawrence buried them in the woods, but a hooker saw him and reported it to the police. Soon after, Bo caught Lawrence trying to dig up the stone cat and arrested him. Although Lawrence was tried, it was revealed that Nicky had killed Lisanne. Charges were dropped, and Nicky never found out he'd committed murder.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Victor's relationship came to a close. Victor broke up with her as a result of her lies and manipulations. When Kate Roberts came to Salem as the owner of The Spectator, Victor invited her to stay at his mansion. (Of course, Vivian was jealous.)

By now, Lawrence desperately wanted to tell Nicky that Carly was his mother (she wanted to tell him, too). Lawrence hoped that it would bring him back together with her. Vivian was not pleased with this news and proposed to turn Nicky against Carly. Vivian told Nicky that Carly was a horrible woman, etc. When Lawrence finally told Nicky who his mother was, Nicky was less than joyful. But Carly began to spend time with him, and Nicky grew to like Carly. Soon, Carly began custody proceedings. Vivian took drastic actions. She resolved to kill Carly. Vivian force Ivan to drain the brake fluid from Carly's car (she threatened to withhold his pay if he didn't help her.) Carly got in an accident, but she was saved by Billie Reed.

While this was happening, Vivian had begun suffering chest pains. The doctors told her that she had a fatal heart disease. Using this news to her advantage, Vivian decided to commit suicide and implicate Carly in her death. First, she got Carly to serve her hot chocolate and put Carly's medication in it so that it'd look like Carly had killed her. But when Nicky decided to have a sip of "Auntie Viv's" beverage, Vivian spilled it and went back to the drawing board. Finally, she concocted a more brutal plan. At Shawn-Douglas Brady's birthday party at the Penthouse Grill, Vivian lured Carly to the balcony. There, she instigated a vicious argument regarding Nicky. During the argument, Vivian "fell" off the balcony. Her fall was somewhat broken by an awning down below and Vivian went into a coma. Ironically, it was Carly who saved Vivian's life in the operating room.

Soon after, Vivian came out of her coma but revealed herself only to Ivan. She needed to recover and ordered him to seek a way of helping her. Ivan brought Dr. Wu, a Chinese herbs specialist. He gave Vivian some Oriental herbs. Within a matter of weeks, Vivian was walking and feeling full of energy. She was charged up to cause more trouble for Carly. Vivian decided to frame her for the deaths of her patients. Dressed as a nurse, Vivian sneaked out of her hospital room and injected cleaning fluid in Carly's terminally ill patients. After the second death, suspicion began to grow against Carly, but no murder charges were even considered yet. Vivian decided to spice things up for Carly. She sneaked out of the hospital one night and planted the bottle of cleaning fluid in Carly's house. Later, Bo found the detergent in Carly's closet and began to suspect her. Further analysis confirmed that the detergent at Carly's matched the one used to kill her patients. Vivian thought it was time for a grand finale. She had to kill someone "special," not just some terminally ill patient. While shopping around the hospital, Vivian noticed that Caroline Brady was in the hospital to cure a peptic ulcer. She also heard Caroline telling Carly that maybe she and Bo should not get married. Vivian had found her final victim. The Bradys knew of Caroline's reservations regarding Bo and Carly's upcoming marriage; it would cause suspicion on Carly if she suddenly died under her care. In addition, Vivian broke into Carly's locker in the hospital and forged a few entries in her diary. They specifically said that she was going to get rid of Caroline. In her nurse disguise, Vivian went to Caroline's room, where Caroline was heavily sedated. Vivian was carrying two syringes: one with detergent and one with a heavy dose of morphine. As she was about to inject detergent into Caroline's serum; Carly walked in on her. There, Vivian confessed to Carly everything she had done. Afterwards, she tried to kill Carly with the cleaning fluid, but Carly knocked the syringe out of her hand. During the struggle, Carly was accidentally injected with the morphine. Shocked at what had happened, Vivian rushed back to her room. Later, she would discover from Ivan that Carly was in a coma but would come very soon. Finally, Vivian decided to come out her coma.

Everyone was shocked and somewhat happy, when Vivian made her "miraculous" recovery. Meanwhile, Vivian was keeping tabs on Carly. Dr. Tom Horton said that she'd awaken soon. Vivian would've wanted her to wake up. Bo had investigated Caroline's room after Carly was found, and he found the syringe with the cleaning fluid in it. He also found her diary, stating that she planned to kill Caroline. Carly was now considered the culprit of the hospital murders. Unfortunately, Carly knew the truth, and Vivian couldn't let this come out. Vivian began to inject morphine into Carly's IV to keep her asleep. Meanwhile, she devised a plan to rid herself of Carly.

With the help of Dr. Wu, and his herbs, Vivian "killed" Carly. She injected a serum into her IV that induced a deathlike paralysis. Tom Horton pronounced her dead, as she had no pulse. Before they could embalm Carly, Vivian told everyone that Carly had told her she didn't want to be embalmed if she died. She claimed that Carly had been close to nature and wanted it that way. Since Vivian and Carly had been such "good friends," they believed her and did not embalm Carly. Vivian took care of all the funeral arrangements. After Carly was buried, Vivian returned to roll around in the freshly-covered grave in maddening ecstasy. She was not aware of it, but the herbs Vivian was taking for her heart ailment were making her quite insane.

Soon after, Carly woke up in her coffin. Vivian had rigged the coffin with lights, a limited oxygen supply, a tank of water, and a radio transmitter. From the Alamain mansion, Vivian taunted Carly on her walkie-talkie. For a while, Vivian continued to torment Carly. However, she had stopped taking her herbs (Ivan had been withholding them.) Just as Carly was running out of oxygen, Vivian came to her senses and told Lawrence what what she had done. In the nick of time, Lawrence dug Carly out of her grave. She was unconscious. When she woke up, she had amnesia; she thought that it was 1983. Lawrence and Vivian decided to keep Carly in the attic of the mansion; Dr. Wu warned them that Western medicine would kill Carly. After Carly was found to be alive, Vivian ran. She contacted Ivan from Brookville, where she was working as a waitress at a place called Harvey's Diner. Her plan had been for Ivan to arrange her getaway to Europe, but Bo and Lexie Carver were on to her. Vivian tried to convince Bo to let her go in order to keep Carly in town (Bo had arrested Carly to keep her in the country), but Bo didn't fall for it and arrested her. With Victor's help, Vivian avoided going to prison; she blamed the herbs for her actions. Instead, Vivian was sent to Pine Haven Sanitarium for a psychiatric evaluation. What was to be a simple one week stay prolonged into four months.

Vivian was informed that she would be permanently committed to Pive Heaven. While exploring the sanitarium, Vivian witnessed Kate Roberts visit one of the patients. After Kate left, Vivian was curious to see who the patient was. The name on the room's door said "Laura Horton." Vivian was quite amused that a "partridge family clone" could be institutionalized and wanted to know why Kate was so interested in her. Needing help (not to mention sane company), Vivian ordered Ivan to get a job as an orderly at Pine Heaven. As time progressed, Vivian learned that the catatonic Laura knew a secret concerning Kate's past, and that she despised Kate. Vivian was determined to figure out the secret. While eavesdropping on conversations between Dr. Anne Goldberg, who ran Pine Heaven, and her assistant Nurse Jackson, Vivian learned that they kept their patients over-medicated in order to bilk their families out of thousands of dollars. Knowing this, Vivian had Ivan withhold Laura's medication. Little by little, Laura was able to move and even say a word or two. When Vivian put an issue of Bella on Laura's lap, which featured an article about Kate, Laura tore it to shreds. This certainly confirmed her hatred for Kate.

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