Beaufield, Saskatchewan

Beaufield, Saskatchewan

Beaufield, Saskatchewan, an unincorporated area, is located at Section 18, Township 32, Range 22, West of the 3rd Meridian. It had its first post office named "Ednaburg" from 1908-05-01 to 1913-08-01 upon which date it changed name to Beaufield. Ednaburg was located at Section 16, Township 32, Range 22, West of the 3rd Meridian.

Historical education

The one room school house of Glen Eagle School District # 2331 was located at Section, Township 31,32, Range 21,22 [sic] , W of the 3rd Meridian.


Beaufield was documented in 1925 as a Canadian National Railways Station on the Dodsland Branch Line.

Area statistics

*Lat (DMS) 51° 45' 00" N
*Long (DMS) - 109° 06' 00" W
*Time zone (est) UTC-6

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