Screen 3

Screen 3

Screen 3 was a Post-punk Band (1980-1984, 1990-1992)

The original line-up formed in 1980 (heavily influenced by early Cure) and was:
*Neil Dyer (guitar and vocals)
*Richard Kett (bass)
*Brett Cooper (drums) then added two trumpet players in late 1981: Peter Jay and Jason Votier

Their first release was two songs on a Norwich compilation called 'Norwich - A Fine City', then an independent 7" called 'New Blood', which got the band signed to Epic (now part of Sony Corporation).

'Hearts in Limbo' was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales, and produced by Roger Lomas, who produced some of the Selecter records on Two-Tone, and all the Bad Manners recordings.

They recorded two John Peel sessions during their career, and one for fellow Radio 1 DJ Kid Jensen.

The next single, 'Come into my Jungle' came closest to being a success, getting a lot of radio play but no real sales. It was produced by Steve Brown, who produced the first Wham album, and the second Cult album.

Their last single on Epic was 'City of Souls', which was less successful than the previous one. This was also released as a 12" EP, featuring the 7" b-side, 'Come Into My Jungle' again, plus two extra tracks.

Having been dropped by Epic, with their remaining cash they put out a 12" single, with the A-Side by Screen 3, called 'The Visitor', backed by tracks by two other local Norwich bands. This was in Spring 1984. The band split up soon after.

Trumpet player Jason Votier played with the Stranglers for a couple of years , appearing on their live album 'All Live and all of the Night'. Guest musician Steve Osborne, who played trombone on their later live gigs, is now a famed record producer. During the band's career, they supported various big acts, either on tours or one-offs, including Elvis Costello, Split Enz, Madness, The Teardrop Explodes, Aztec Camera, Men at Work.

The band reformed in 1990, originally with Jason Votier (on keyboards instead of trumpet), Richard Kett on bass and Brett Cooper on drums. Richard and Jason didn't stay long, so they later added Keith Wyatt on bass and gigged in London. No records were released by this line up, and they played exclusively new material. The band split again in 1992.

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