Copper (band)

Copper (band)
Origin Buffalo, New York
Genres Emo
Indie rock
Years active 1994–1997
Labels Equal Vision Records
Past members
Meaghan Ball (vocals)
Joe Luca (guitar)
Sam Falbo (guitar)
Steve Mack (bass)
Garret Klahn (bass)
Tim Turcott (drums)

Copper was an emo or emocore band based in Buffalo, NY in the mid-1990s. They released a self-titled 7-inch in 1994 before releasing a full-length album, Drag Queen, in 1994. Upon their break-up, Klahn joined Texas Is the Reason while Ball moved to California to form Idle Hands, who were signed to Trustkill Records.


Track list:
1: Sissy
2: Sentimental
3: Tuesday's Child
4: Serial Killer
5: Caption
6: Drag Queen
7: Freckle
8: There's A Place In Hell...
9. Michael Beasley

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