List of Kalmar Union monarchs

List of Kalmar Union monarchs

This is a listing of monarchs in the countries of the Kalmar Union. The union monarchs who were Danish kings, met with opposition in Norway and Sweden, which opposed them by appointing their own opposing monarchs and regents.


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*13871412: Margaret I ("Margrete I")
*14121439: Eric of Pomerania ("Erik VII af Pommern")
*14401448: Christopher III ("Christoffer III af Bayern")
*14481481: Christian I ("Christian I")
*14811513: John ("Hans")
*15131523: Christian II ("Christian II")


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*13871389: Margaret ("Margrete I")
*13891442: Eric of Pomerania ("Erik III av Pommern")
*14421448: Christopher of Bavaria ("Christoffer av Bayern")
*14481449: Christian I ("Christian I")
*14491450: Karl I ("Karl Knutsson Bonde")
*14501481: Christian I ("Christian I")
*14811513: John ("Hans")
*15131523: Christian II ("Christian II")


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*13891412: Margaret I ("Margareta")
*13961439: Eric of Pomerania ("Erik av Pommern")
**14381440: Charles VIII ("Karl Knutsson Bonde")
*14411448: Christopher of Bavaria ("Kristoffer av Bayern")
**14481448: Regents Bengt and Nils Jönsson Oxenstierna
**14481457: Charles VIII ("Karl Knutsson Bonde")
**14571457: Regents Jöns Bengtsson Oxenstierna and Erik Axelsson Tott
*14571464: Christian I ("Kristian I")
**14641465: Charles VIII ("Karl Knutsson Bonde")
**14651465: Regent Kettil Karlsson Vasa
**14651466: Regent Jöns Bengtsson Oxenstierna
**14661467: Regent Erik Axelsson Tott
**14671470: Charles VIII ("Karl Knutsson Bonde")
**14701497: Regent Sten Sture the Elder ("Sten Sture den äldre")
*14971501: John II ("Hans")
**15011503: Regent Sten Sture the Elder
**15041511: Regent Svante Sture ("Svante Nilsson Sture")
**15121512: Regent Erik Trolle
**15121520: Regent Sten Sture the Younger ("Sten Sture den yngre")
*15201521: Christian II ("Kristian II Tyrann")


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