Eye Spy Magazine

Eye Spy Magazine

Eye Spy Magazine (International Intelligence Magazine in the United Kingdom) is a magazine that is published by Eye Spy Publishing LTD. from North Yorkshire, England. In the United States, it is edited in New York City, in the Empire State Building.

The magazine deals with international intelligence stories, many of which have to do with such subjects as Al Qaeda, the destruction of TWA flight 800, the ex-Soviet Union, spies and their careers, the history of espionage, global terrorism and a wide array of other controversial issues all of which have to do with 'intelligence'.

The magazine claims to obtain its information from different intelligence group sources worldwide. Eye Spy has featured articles which discuss and analyze 'James Bond' style spy techonology on a perfectly serious level. The magazine reports that it is required reading for actual intelligence industry professionals.

"Eye Spy" is sold in 36 different countries. As of 2005 the magazine had produced over 57 editions.

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